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Bernard Cribbins: Doctor Who And Wombles Star Dies Aged 93

Presenting decades-long careers before his fans, ‘Doctor Who and ‘Wombles’ star Bernard Cribbins dies at 94, on July 28 Thursday.

Actor Bernard Cribbins Passes Away at Age 93

One of his agents reported that the Railway Children alum has departed from the world which has shattered his fans throughout multiple generations. The actor has familiarized himself with the audience for over seven decades now. 

Cribbin’s former crew member, Russel T Davies delivered a heartfelt tribute to the deceased on his sets conveying his gratitude towards his dear friend, who is unfortunately no more. Referring to Cribbin as a legend, Davies said that he has left the world.

Although the sensational actor would be missed in the cinemas, his masterpieces would definitely be cherished. 

Bernard Cribbins Doctor Who and Wombles Star Dies Aged 93

Sharing a chucklesome picture of the decedent, Russel took to his Instagram with a lengthier caption highlighting his love and affection for him. The Welsh screenwriter recalled how Cribbinis grabbed the eyeballs including the attention of Kyloe Minogue on his first day on the set and remembered how the massive actor used to laugh saying that the street children were calling him a grandad. 

At the moment, Davies, who seems to know about Cribbins a lot, reflected his talent as an actor, who used to attend the locations with a suitcase full of props. The producer could not limit his words as the memories kept flashing before his eyes. 

Davies then recalled another moment when the team sent Cribbins to collect the award in the TV Choice Awards and he described that the whole audience p[resnt at the time was cheering for him. 

Immersed in the loss of the phenomenal person who has already left for the heavenly residence, Davies wrote that he was so in love with Gill that he used to mention the name whenever they had a conversation. 

Apart from the Queer as Folk producer, the television and comedian Matt Lucas was also spotted talking about the late Cribbins, with whom the comedian worked in Doctor Who. 

The Lady of the Dawn singer Mike Batt, the hands behind the Wombles theme,  shared a couple of words appreciating the dead soul for being the great person he was. The songwriter added that Cribbins, being hilarious, was pretty serious when it comes to his works and was a fine actor who, according to him, would be tremendously missed. 

There was a list of near and dear ones, who have displayed their sorrow on the final departure of the She star including Dame Floella Benjamin, who happened to share the screen with the dynamic and talented English actor in the children’s television, took to her Twitter with a hashtag that read, #RIPBernard, recollected her memories and said the Cribbins was a popular individual who was well aware of how he should treat different audiences and that he was knack in handling them. About the one who has left a lasting legacy, the Playschool alum penned that Cribbins was a great storyteller as well as a creative genius.

Bernard Cribbins Doctor Who and Wombles Star Dies Aged 93

Mark Gatiss, the novelist, director, comedian, and producer, who wrote the TV series Sherlock, Dracula, and also Doctor Who, in which he co-acted with Cribbins, told the world that Cribbins can never be replaced, as he was one of a kind. He recalled his former pal who was quick-witted with a heart full of love and how he, being 90, used to play five aside. 

The list of the moaners is endless including John Simm, Cribbin’s co-star in Doctor Who, who penned about his bonding with the late actor, who would imitate the voices of the Wombles with pleasure, whenever he was asked. Simm shared that, whenever the actor used to mimic his sound, he used to travel back in time as those were quite nostalgic. 

Cribbin’s long-time agent invited the attention of the public to the actor’s versatility by appearing in projects recently, even in his 90s, including Doctor Who and the series, Old Jack’s Boat

He highlighted his words by saying that whoever has had the pleasure of working with him would definitely realize his loss, as the phenomenal actor was too good at entertaining multiple generations. 

He revealed that it was Cribbin’s father who actually paved the way for the world to witness his son’s bequest as Senior Cribbin was the one who inspired the young Cribbins in going to acting school. 

Until his 90, the actor was never free from work as he was flourishing on every platform including radio, children’s television,  public information films, and adverts. 

Before serving as an apprentice, Cribbins joined a local theatre club after he left his school at 13. The actor has walked through the road of thorns to react to a position where he was recognizable by the public mass.

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