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Farzar: Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer – Everything You Need To Know

When Prince Fichael discovers that his father is the biggest evildoer of them all, he breaks his promise to purge the planet of evil. 

Prince Fichael lives in a human colony in an alien world. The makers of Paradise PD, Roger Black, and Waco O’ Guin, along with Joel Kuwahara, Scott D. Greenberg, Waco O’Guin, Marc Provissiero, and Dan Signer, present Farzar, their next wonderful adult animated comedic sci-fi series. 

Farzar is an outlandish new adult animated sci-fi comedy series. The official full-length trailer for the series was unveiled by Netflix at Geeked Week 2022, along with the release date. 

Farzar received a 10-episode first-season order from Netflix. The show centers on an egotistical warrior named Renzo who frees the planet Farzar from the malevolent alien Bazarack. 

In order to protect people from the alien ecosystem, he works to create a human town beneath a huge dome. As a prince and his oddball team attempt to combat the deadly aliens outside of the domed city, we follow their efforts.

On Friday, July 15, 2022, the first season’s 10 episodes were made available. You can binge-watch it on Netflix.

Farzar Netflix Release Date

There will be a total of 10 episodes, all of which are animated, funny, and packed with action. 

In addition to announcing the series’ debut date during Geeked Week 2022, Netflix also unveiled an official full-length trailer for the show. We already knew that Netflix’s upcoming animated series Farzar is absurd based on the material the service had previously made public.

With the help of its enthralling teaser, Netflix launched the series at Geeked Week 2022. Farzar premiered on Netflix on July 15, 2022.

The comedy Farzar centers on a motley group that works together to take out malevolent aliens that have no intention of establishing amicable contact on the planet’s name.Arriving on Friday, 

This raucous space comedy, starring David Kaye, Jerry Minor, and Lance Reddick, is produced by the team behind “Paradise PD.”

Where Can You Watch Farzar?

In July 2022, Netflix began to stream the next project from the Paradise P.D. creators. And only on Netflix can you binge-watch the same things!

Netflix has brought action, animation, and adventure, all in one journey with Farzar so get ready for this.

Farzar Cast

Farzar seems to have a little bit of everything, including bloodshed, robots, strange alien species, dark comedy, awkward sexual jokes, and more awkward sexual jokes, unfair fights to the death, naked gymnastics, explosions, and a really large mouth. 

When Farzar prince Fichael (voiced by Dana Snyder) chooses to form a team to protect his planet and show his parents that he is a fearsome warrior, all of that will occur.

The malevolent alien leader Bazarack and Billy, a chimera-like killing machine who serves as the group’s voice of reason, will also be voiced by Snyder in addition to Prince Fichael. 

Lance Reddick, who plays Renzo the czar of Farzar, Grey Griffin, the slightly older Queen Flammy, David Kaye, who plays brilliant scientist Barry Barris, Carlos Alazraqui, who plays infiltrated alien Zobo, Jerry Minor, who plays Scootie the half-android, half-soldier, and Kari Wahlgren, who plays Mal and Val, are among the other voice actors.

Many outstanding and enthusiastic voice actors from the cinema and television industries are part of the cast of the new series Farzar. Below, excluding the recurring and guest cast, is a list of the full main and supporting cast:

• Lance Reddick as Renzo

• As Fichael, Bazarack, and Billy, Dana Snyder

• Barry Barris, played by David Kaye

• Jerry Minor as Scootie

• Mal is portrayed by Kari

•Wahlgren, and Queen Flammy by Val Grey Griffin

• Carlos Alazraqui as Zobo

• McQuillan, Luke

Farzar Trailer

In the trailer, Farzar is seen escaping Bazarack’s grasp. A troop of malevolent aliens is led by the vile Bazarack. 

Renzo is seen establishing a human civilization on Farzar, marrying the planet’s ruler, Queen Flammy, an older lady, and taking control of it.

Then, Fichael, his innocent but kind-hearted son, announces his ambition to become a general and aid in the formation of a Crew to rid the globe of evil.

We can already tell how frank and crazy the series will be thanks to Netflix releasing the trailer to the public. The interplanetary connection makes it appear as though the series got its start watching Futurama or Rick and Morty.

Robots, brutality, dark humor, strange alien monsters, unfair fights to the death, uncomfortable sexual jokes, explosions, naked gymnastics, and most obviously, a really big mouth, appear to be included in the series.

The Farzar video makes it clear right away that the show will have no trouble acknowledging its sources of inspiration, with a character inquiring as to whether the intergalactic tale will resemble Futurama or Rick and Morty more. 

It’s quite difficult to escape the shadow cast by two of the most well-known and innovative sci-fi animated series on TV, but if the trailer is any clue, Farzar undoubtedly gives it a shot.

Farzar Plot and Synopsis

An egotistical warrior by the name of Renzo is the main character in the Farzar narrative. The warrior expelled the wicked alien Bazarack from the planet Farzar. By becoming the Czar of Farzar, Renzo tries to build a massive dome over a human town in an effort to shield people from the alien habitat.

The story also follows Prince Michael, the princely son of Renzo, and his rebellious band as they strive to defeat the terrible aliens outside the dome-protected series. 

The crew of the Fichael is known as S.H.A.T. (Special Hostile Assault Team). To show his parents that he is not a useless loser but a strong, magnificent warrior, Prince Fichael sets off with his not-so-brilliant crew to defend the world. 

A human soldier-turned-cyborg named Scootie, a disturbed scientist named Barry Barris, quarreling conjoined twins named Mal and Val, and an amusing tiny extraterrestrial named Zobo make up the crew of Prince Fichael.

It becomes apparent to Fichael and his group that nothing is as it seems and that he might be lying to them when they engage in combat with the aliens. 

The mother of Fichael, Queen Flammy, is seen indulging her son and also forcing her husband to discuss governing the city, which he initially feels is a wonderful concept but subsequently gets blamed for the choices with looming flaws.

The creators of Brickleberry and Paradise PD as well as other animated series like Farzar are Roger Black and Waco O’Guin. The sci-fi animated series includes 10 episodes in its first season.


Farzar’s influences and inspirations are obvious, but the team is working to separate their latest project from other iconic sci-fi/comedy projects that came before it, particularly the aforementioned and similarly coarse-mouthed Rick and Morty. 

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