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Boo, Bitch Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And More

In contrast to most stories, a new Netflix limited series takes the notion of the main character having life-altering encounters a little more seriously. Boo, Bitch is available on Netflix in all countries, from Friday, July 8, eight episodes of Boo, Bitch was released for streaming and downloading at once.

Erin Ehrlich and Lauren Iungerich, who also acts as the showrunners for the series, co-created Boo, Bitch!

When a high schooler Erika Vu awakens one morning and discovers she is truly a ghost, the eight-part series brings Halloween and the eerie season to summer 2022.

she is unaware that the shell is actually her physical body. Lana Condor’s character Erika Vu, a senior in high school, decides it’s time to live out her fantasies and goes out on a wild night.

Boo, Bitch Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And  More

Except for one minor issue, everything goes better than she could have ever imagined: the next morning, she finds herself dead! Erika Vu must figure out how to close some of the gaps she left in her life now that she is a ghost.

Boo, Bitch is available on Netflix in all countries, from Friday, July 8, eight episodes of Boo, Bitch was released for streaming and downloading at once.

Boo, Bitch: The Cast

Lana Condor, who starred in All the Boys, In Boo, Bitch on Netflix, plays Erika Vu. At just 25 years old, she is also one of the drama’s executive producers. As Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse, Li in Patriots Day, Koyomi in Alita: Battle Angel, Saya Kuroki in Deadly Class, and Lexi in Summer Night, among other notable roles, Condor is also widely known.

Gia, Erika’s best friend, is also portrayed by Fear the Walking Dead’s Zoe Colletti, and Jake C., Erika’s crush on Tick, Tick…BoomMason !’s Versaw.  Aparna Brielle, who stars in The Dead Girls Detective Agency, essays Riley, a popular student, and Tenzing Norgay Trainor, who stars in Modern Family, plays Gavin, a medium who speaks with the dead. Jason Genao from On My Block portrays the role of Devon, while Alyssa Jirrels portrays Alyssa.

Other cast members include:

  • Cathy Vu as Mrs. Vu
  • Conor Husting as Jake W.
  • Austin Fryberger as Archer
  • Jami Alix as Lea
  • Savira Windyani as Sail
  • Brittany Bardwell as Sophia
  • Michael Solomon as Jake M.
  • Laura Louise as Oleanna
  • Abigail Achiri as Raven
  • Nick Benson as Chase
  • Jenn Santos as May
  • Mason Lawrence as Darwin

What Is Boo, Bitch All About?

The protagonist of Boo, Bitch is Erika Vu, who wakes up after a party to come to know that she is now a ghost and is living on Earth. Erika and her friends decided to solve a long to-do list because they knew her time on Earth was running out.

Erica is confident that her recent passing will propel her to influencer popularity and keep her out of the catacombs. Netflix’s adolescent ghost comedy limited series is more influenced by contemporary Rebel Wilson comedies like Senior Year and Book Smart than it is by classics like The Sixth Sense. 

Boo, Bitch Trailer

Boo, Bitch on Netflix has a funny new teaser that introduces everyone to Erika Vu’s amazing and eccentric world. The trailer also hints that Erika wants to surpass her fame in life in death, but the viewers will have to watch out to find out how she plans to achieve this.

Boo, Bitch is released on Netflix on Friday, July 8.

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