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Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Mother’s Day With Her Daughter Emme!!

The Hollywood stars are often encircled by glamor, reporters, headlines, and fashion. However, they have a personal life too, and an actress can equally be a good mother to her children.

Pleasant Lunch With Daughter

Mother’s Day witnessed many such instances where these celebrities did not miss the chance to celebrate the day with their kids.

Jennifer Lopez did not miss the opportunity to spend quality time with her beloved girl Emme. To learn about their cool times on Mother’s Day, continue reading the article till the end.

Jennifer Lopez

The 52-year-old actress is a loving mother also, besides being a fabulous actress. Recently, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, she spent a lovely day with her daughter Emme and one of her friends.

Emme, 14, enjoyed the day fully with her mom, friend, and aunt, Leslie Lopez. Cameras spotted the high-profile celebrity mom in Malibu. It was a special lunch, including only the girls at Soho.

We can conclude that Max, Jennifer’s son, was not seen at lunch. Nevertheless, the images of the trio getting inside the restaurant caught the attention of many. Several fans also wished Lopez a great time with her daughter on Mother’s Day on social media.

Stunning Looks Of The Incredible Singer

The singer cum actress Jennifer looked a great beauty in the fabulous white dress accompanied by the classy cream-colored sweater. Matching the dress, Lopez took a lovely white purse, and a pair of golden shades adorned her eyes.

On the other hand, Emme also looked perfect in orange pants complimented by white buttons and a vest of light-brown color. The stylish shoes were an ideal match for their outfits.

Additionally, the mother-daughter duo rocked in their fabulous shiny hair. While Jennifer Preferred a ponytail with her honey-brown hair, her daughter felt comfortable in the curly bob of dark brown shade.

Despite being the mother of two, Lopez still looks mesmerizing and attractive in even such casual clothes. Furthermore, her 14-year-old teenage daughter has a tom-boyish image.

So it was a nice attire for a cool afternoon meet. In 2011, Lopez got a divorce from her celebrity husband, Marc Anthony, now 53. Currently, she is in a serious relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Ben.

Wishing The Moms

This year, no one found the pictures of her children on her social media pages of Jennifer Lopez on Mother’s Day. Instead, the posts showed wishes for her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez.

Moreover, she also posted an old picture with her present fiance Ben Affleck. It was driving into the memory lane when the duo spent the romantic days at the beginning of their lives. Now, Ben, 49, again got engaged to his ex, and the duo is planning to marry very soon. Along with Jennifer, Affleck also posted a beautiful wish for his mother, Christopher Anne Boldt.

The Hustlers actress also added a sweet message at the end of the post wishing all the mommies for the special day. The fans address the loving couple as Bennifer and eagerly wait to see them taking vows soon.

However, it is evident from the togetherness that the wedding bells will ring within a few days only. Therefore, you just have to wait some more to witness one of the grandest weddings in Hollywood.

Interesting Story Of Affleck and Lopez

Interestingly, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez did the engagement for the second time. Previously, along with the stars, their fans were shocked as the duo broke all ties and canceled the wedding after the first engagement.

The story of the couple started in 2002 during the shooting of Gigli. However, it was not the right time for them, as the duo decided to end the relationship for personal reasons and moved forward with other partners. But unfortunately, they could not stay for long in those marriages.

Although the couple has children from their previous marriages, it did not stop them from coming together again. J.Lo rekindled her relationship with Ben last year in April. After dating for a year, they got sure that they are perfect for each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Moreover, apart from being top-notch celebrities, both the stars are responsible parents. The children do not have any issues with the new partners of dad and mom, respectively. One example of love and care for the family is evident from the Mother’s Day special lunch in the afternoon, and later a pleasant post on social media.

The power-packed couple is planning an incredible wedding in the upcoming days. On J. Lo’s finger, the engagement ring consists of a precious 8.5-carat green diamond. The gem adorning the finger of the Marry Me star calls for immediate attention.

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