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Belinda Carlisle Net Worth 2022, Income – How Rich is the American musician in 2022?

Belinda Carlisle’s net worth:

Belinda Carlisle is a $14 million-dollar-wealthy American singer. Belinda Carlisle rose to prominence as the lead vocalist of the Go- Go’s, one of the most popular female bands of all time. She then went on to have a successful solo career. “Mad About You,” “Leave a Light On,” and “Heaven is a Place on Earth” are among Carlisle’s solo smashes.

Belinda Carlisle Net Worth in 2022:

As of February 2022, Belinda Carlisle’s net worth is predicted to be over $18 million.

Early Years and the Beginnings of a Career:

Belinda Carlisle was born in 1958 in Los Angeles, California to housewife Joanne and gas station worker Harold. She has three brothers and three sisters, all of whom are younger than she is. Carlisle’s father abandoned the family when she was five years old, forcing her to spend most of her childhood in poverty. Her mother then remarried Walt Kurczeski, an alcoholic with whom Carlisle had a tumultuous relationship. Throughout her childhood, her family traveled frequently until settling in Burbank. Carlisle first expressed an interest in music when she was ten years old. She attended Colina Junior High School after moving to Thousand Oaks as a youngster, and then Newbury Park High School, where she was a cheerleader. Carlisle worked at a fabric business after graduation, and later for Hilton Hotels as a photocopier. She enrolled in night school at a beauty college but dropped out after the first year.

Carlisle’s first professional music performance was as a drummer with the punk rock band the Germs in 1977. Her time with the band was cut short when she became ill with mononucleosis.

The Go-Gos:

Carlisle co-founded the Go-Go’s, then known as the Misfits, shortly after leaving the Germs. Two other initial members, Margot Olavarria and Elissa Bello, quickly left the group, leaving Carlisle, Jane Wiedlin, Charlotte Caffey, Kathy Valentine, and Gina Schock as the only musicians on the roster. The Go-went Go’s on to become one of America’s most successful bands of the 1980s, helping to promote the new wave music genre in the country. The band was also the first all-female group to record a number one album while playing their own instruments and writing their own songs, with their 1981 debut, “Beauty and the Beat.” The album sold over two million copies and was certified double platinum by the RIAA. It generated the smash songs “We Got the Beat” and “Our Lips Are Sealed.” Following this, the Go-released Go’s the gold-certified “Vacation” and “Talk Show.” The latter, a commercial flop in 1984, was the band’s final original album until 2001.


Beginning of a Solo Career:

Carlisle went on to pursue a solo career when the Go-dissolved Go’s in 1985. She made her breakthrough in 1986 with “Belinda,” which went gold in the United States. One of its tracks, “Mad About You,” peaked at number three in the United States and topped the Canadian singles chart. “I Feel the Magic” and a cover version of “Band of Gold” were other big singles from the album. Carlisle then released her second solo album, “Heaven on Earth,” in 1987. Its debut song, “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” topped the singles charts in the United States and the United Kingdom, while its second single, “I Get Weak,” peaked at number two in the United States and number 10 in the United Kingdom. “Circle in the Sand” and “World Without You” were also big singles.

Carlisle’s third solo album, “Runaway Horses,” was published in 1989 and reached the top five in both the UK and Australia, earning double platinum in the latter. The album’s first song, “Leave a Light On,” reached the top five in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. “Summer Rain,” “La Luna,” and “(We Want) the Same Thing” were among its other hit hits.

Furthering Your Solo Career:

“Live Your Life, Be Free,” Carlisle’s fourth solo album, was released in 1991. The title tune, “Do You Feel Like I Feel?,” “Half the World,” and “Little Black Book” were among its singles. This was followed by “Real” in 1993 and “A Woman and a Man” in 1996, which relaunched Carlisle’s European career with the hits “In Too Deep,” “Always Breaking My Heart,” “Love in the Key of C,” and “California.” “A Woman and a Man” became certified gold after reaching number 12 in the United Kingdom. Carlisle released a greatest hits CD titled “A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits” in the United Kingdom in 1999. It included her previous successes as well as three new songs: “All God’s Children,” “A Prayer for Everyone,” and “Feels Like I’ve Known You Forever.” Carlisle’s subsequent solo albums have included “Voila” and “Wilder Shores,” the latter of which contains a collection of Sikh hymns.

Reunion of the Go- Go’s:

The Go-reformed Go’s in 2001 for the album “God Bless the Go- Go’s,” which included the hit track “Unforgiven.” Despite receiving poor reviews, the album charted on the US Billboard 200, debuting at number 57. Carlisle and the Go-toured Go’s the United States in the next decade, from 2011 to 2012, performing at the Hollywood Bowl and the Greek Theatre.

Personal and Medical Situations:

Carlisle was in a relationship with musician Bill Bateman in the early 1980s, and she ended to being with baseball player Mike Marshall. Carlisle later married politician and film producer Morgan Mason in 1986, and the couple had one son, Duke. Following the earthquake in Northridge, California, in 1994, the family relocated to Fréjus, France. Carlisle and Mason relocated to Bangkok, Thailand, in 2017.

During her early years with the Go-Go’s, Carlisle acquired a significant cocaine and alcohol addiction. She was also battling with an eating issue at the time. Carlisle vowed to seek recovery when her substance usage reached a climax in 2005, and she has done so ever since.


Carlisle has been outspoken about her support for LGBTQ rights, spurred on by the coming-out of her 14-year-old son. She is particularly dedicated to assisting women and animals, and in 2014 she cofounded the Animal People Alliance. It is a non-profit organization headquartered in Kolkata, India that generates funding and training disadvantaged women to care for street animals.

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