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American Horror Story Season 11 Release Date: Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!

After the many reactions to American Horror Story: Double Feature, we are set for American Horror Story Season 11, which will, like the first nine seasons, shatter our minds.

FX President John Landgraf praised Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchuk as “the undisputed masters of horror TV, having pioneered the anthological limited series with American Horror Story and sustained its dominance as FX’s highest-rated series for nearly a decade.”

We hope that Season 11 reinforces the excellent ideals for which they stand. Everything we’ve learned so far indicates that this season of American Horror Story will take place.

Recap of American Horror Story Season 10

American Horror Story is almost universally praised by fans and critics alike. Season 10 of American Horror Story, on the other hand, received mixed reviews. Season 10 was dubbed “Double Feature” because, instead of focusing on a single plot, the season was divided into two separate cartoons.

The first half of the show was titled Red Tide and featured Episodes 1-6. Red Tide follows a family as they relocate to Provincetown, Massachusetts, to begin a new life. Her husband, Henry, is a writer who needs to finish his current pilot, and her mother, Doris, is recovering from a miscarriage.

Henry learns that there is a chemist in town who makes black pills called “The Muse,” which boosts your talent. Simply give the Muse human blood. Death Valley was the title of Season 10: Part 2 and featured Episodes 7-10.

Death Valley stretches from President Eisenhower’s presidency to the present day. Discover that the US government has a pact with aliens that can kidnap 5,000 individuals every year to experiment in exchange for giving the government technical improvements.

Currently, three pupils go camping in the same desert. The aliens impregnate them, and they will soon uncover the heinous truth about the alien scheme.

The plot of American Horror Story Season 11

Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, is widely renowned for keeping the season’s subject matter a mystery.

In April 2021, he did, however, post a Twitter poll asking followers what they wanted to see in future seasons. The poll is now closed, so we’ll never know which pick he received, but the choices were:


-Christmas Horror Films

-Bloody Mary & Co.

-The Piggy Man



Before the investigation was pulled from social media, the most popular drinks were sirens and bloody marys. Aliens played an important role in the previous season, so we’re unlikely to see them again anytime soon.


But Murphy never said if that was for American Horror Story Season 11 or the spin-off, American Horror Stories. Is there going to be another spin-off or major film? Do they intend to use the survey results? During an interview with Andy Cohen, he said, “It’s the first time in probably three years that I don’t know.”

I believe this is my final season of American Horror Story. I mean, I’m not sure. Whenever he comes to me with some wack-a-doodle-stoodle persona, I’m like, ‘Yes! ‘Let’s do it!’ But I’m not sure.”

Even if he has stated that he may not return, there is always the chance of some sort of involvement.

She’s been a fan favorite from season one, but the show gave her additional possibilities, like as starring in the original Hulu Run and as nurse Mildred Ratched in Ratched. It would not surprise me if she quit the show to pursue other possibilities.

Frances Conroy follows closely behind the first three, appearing in eight seasons. Denis O’Hare appears in six of the films, and Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Adina Porter, Emma Robers, Jamie Brewer, and Finn Wittrock appear in five of them.

Macaulay Culkin, a newcomer to American Horror Story Season 11, could perhaps return because his character was incredibly popular with viewers. We also saw characters from the American Horror Stories spin-off appear on the main show.

Perhaps stars like Billie Lourd, who has only been on the show for a few seasons, will return for more. During an interview with Andy Cohen, he stated, “I don’t know about the first part for almost three years.” I believe this is my final season of American Horror Story. I mean, I’m not sure.

Release Date for American Horror Story Season 11

Many movie and TV show release dates have been destroyed by 2020, including many that had been on track for nearly a decade. Since its debut in 2011, American Horror Story has launched consistently on FX in September or October, with the season finale taking place before Christmas.

A new season of American Horror Story did not premiere in 2020 for the first time. The double feature will be released in August 2021.

Having said that, let’s hope American Horror Story Season 11 returns to its initial release date of early fall 2022, and we don’t have to wait another year. And don’t worry about AHS Season 11 coming to an end; FX has renewed the show for three more seasons, bringing us to Season 13!

Who will appear in the cast of AHS Season 11?

It has not been revealed who will appear in Season Eleven. FX has also not officially confirmed who will be in the cast of Season Eleven. But we have some excellent news regarding the Cast AHS cast to share with you:

Furthermore, it has been rumored that SARAH PAULSON would not be a part of the season 11 cast. SARAH also stated that if Murphy calls her, she is still interested in becoming a part of season eleven.

Other characters likely to appear in Season 11 include:

Grosman, Leslie
Lily Rabe’s
Cody Ferd’s

There is no specific list of cast members, and these are only assumptions.

How many episodes are planned for AHS Season 11?

The number of episodes in the upcoming season of American Horror Story is still unknown. Season 11 is expected to include 9 to 13 episodes, according to viewers.

Despite the fact that the majority of American Horror Story episodes are 11 to 13, However, in recent seasons, the series’ installments have been reduced. As a result, there is a chance that the projected number of episodes would be reduced in season 11.

Season ten only had eight episodes, although this could be due to the pandemic Corona Virus 2019.

As a result, we cannot predict how many episodes will air in season 11 of the AMERICAN HORROR STORY.



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