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Top Boy Season 4 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

When Channel 4 canceled Top Boy in 2013, fans were devastated.

However, Netflix stepped in to save the day, confirming two additional seasons in 2017. And the third season, which debuted two years later, was well worth the wait – it featured ten episodes, as opposed to the four-episode seasons offered by the terrestrial channel.

Fans are once again ready to see more, so read on to find out what we know so far about the fourth season.

What exactly is Top Boy about?

It follows the lives of heroin traffickers Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson) as they operate on the Summerhouse estate. Naturally, as their reputation and bank balance rise, so do their difficulties, and they confront life-or-death battles from competing gangs and organizations, not to mention the law.

The friendship between these two main characters grows throughout the episode as their circumstances alter. Reaching the pinnacle does not imply resting on one’s laurels, and the duo will need to keep their wits about them to stay ahead of the game and safe from anyone attempting to usurp their crown.

When is Top Boy Season 4 going to be released?

Ashley Walters teased a promotional poster for what seems to be the fourth season of Top Boy at the end of January 2022.

The poster depicts Walters’ character Dushane’s visage with the words ‘before’ scrawled across it in graffiti.

The premiere date was later confirmed, with the new season premiering on March 18th, 2022.

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, production on the fourth season began in the spring of 2020.

Ashley Walters and Netflix revealed that production had begun in December 2020.

Who is in Top Boy Season 4?

Ashley Walters will resume her role as the show’s patriarch Dushane, while Kano (actual name Kane Robinson) will return as Sully.

Michael Ward is anticipated to play Jamie, Little Simz will play Shelley, and Jasmine Jobson will reprise her role as the fearsome Jaq.


Hope Ikpoku Jr. and Araloyin Oshunremi return as Jamie’s brothers Aaron and Steph, respectively, while Keiyon Cook reprises his role as Atz.

There are, of course, characters who are unlikely to return. Jason, played by Ricky Smart, died tragically in a house fire in episode four of the previous season. Dris was shot by Sully in the final episode after betraying Dushane (though fans have pointed out that, while we heard the gunshot, we didn’t actually see Sully shoot him).

After the play ended, Dave’s portrayal of the insane escapee Modie received a lot of praise. However, after Sully’s acid attack left him partially blind, his character met a grisly end when he was shot by police after his risky driving left him out in the open.

Lauryn, played by Saffron Hocking, is now missing, thus it’s unclear if she’ll return next season.

Plot: What will happen in Season 4 of Top Boy?

At the close of the previous season, Dushane provided a lifeline to an incarcerated Jamie, who had landed in prison after accepting responsibility for his siblings’ incarceration. After acquiring footage of Atz placing a gun backpack in Jamie’s home, Dushane offers Jamie the choice of working for Dushane and joining his organization in exchange for the footage that will clear his record or remaining in jail.

But can Dushane put his trust in Jamie? Remember, Jamie dethroned Modie and Leyton to become the ZT’s leader. Would he treat Dushane and Sully the same way?

In terms of Jamie, his brothers Aaron and Stefan are currently unprotected by their older brother. In the final episode, Stef’s best friend Atz betrayed them, and now that Jamie is aware of this, we’ll have to watch how their situation plays out.

Dushane’s growing connection with Shelley, his mother’s caregiver, progressed progressively throughout the season, implying that the kingpin is finally ready to settle down and possibly father his own children like Sully and Dris.

Shelley was keeping a shaken Lauryn at her house at the end of the season. Jaq beat up Lauryn, the show’s matriarch’s sister after it was revealed that she had disclosed important information to her boyfriend, Leyton, resulting in shooting attempts on Sully. After being threatened with death, Dushane advised Lauren to leave Summerhouse – he even gave money to Jaq to send her on her way – but did she?

Next up are drug addicts Lee and Sarah, who were revealed to be undercover police officers at the end of the series. They’re aware of both Jamie and Dushane’s groups, so could they bring down both?

Has a Top Boy Season 4 trailer been released?

Season 4’s Top Boy trailer has yet to be released.

If you want to learn more about Top Boy, let’s watch the official trailer of season 3 watch the video below.

Where does Top Boy take place and where is it filmed?

The story takes place in the fictitious Summerhouse estate in Hackney, East London. And many of the tense scenes are shot on Hackney’s streets.

The summerhouse is set on the De Beauvoir estate in Hackney, near Haggerston, off the Kingsland Road.

However, other parts of London are also featured. School sequences were filmed at Walworth Academy in Southwark, hospital scenes at Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone, partying scenes in Chelsea, and snooker hall gatherings in Stoke Newington.

Season 3 additionally included filming in Manchester, Margate, and Jamaica.

How many seasons of Top Boy are there, and where can I see them?

This is where things get a little complicated, so bear with us…

Top Boy’s first three seasons are all available on Netflix, although the first two seasons, which originally broadcast on Channel 4, have been rebranded Top Boy: Summerhouse. On Netflix, the third season is titled Top Boy season 1.

When the fourth installment is uploaded on Netflix, it will be known as Top Boy season 2.

Is Top Boy coming to an end after Series 4?

There’s no word on whether further seasons will be released after Series 4, but considering the reaction to the show’s cancellation on Channel 4 and the great response to Season 3 on Netflix, we’d expect more. Of course, that depends on the key protagonists agreeing to more stories, but there’s definitely room for more Top Boy in the future.

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