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How Digitalization Help To Improve Studying?

Due to recent events connected to pandemia and quarantine, students attend studying establishments less and less. The lack of live interaction leads to the inability of teachers to control their social and emotional progress. Implementation of social-emotional learning online

 is necessary for a positive effect but needs an adaptive professional approach. Learn from this article what virtual social and emotional recommendations mean.

SEL competency and its importance for academic success

The teaching approach aimed to manage the emotions of attendants, achieve reasonable targets, make responsible decisions, develop empathy, establish and maintain healthy relationships has got the term social and emotional learning online. The scope of SEL expertise are:

  • self-consciousness: realizing the strengths and borders with a balanced sense of confidence, good spirit, and development orientation;
  • self-organization: ability to manage stress, control emotions, and motivation to set and achieve targets;
  • social consciousness: estimating the emotion level of communicators, considering the background factors and cultures diversity;
  • interrelationship: clear communication, ability to listen and solve conflicts, resisting bullying and other social pressure, asking and providing help when needed;
  • Decision-making: logically based choice characterizes personal behavior and improves social cooperation based on ethical and social norms.

Managing emotions is not easy, especially for children. All these practices require knowledge and experience. Together with academic studying, SEL teaching opens new opportunities and guides students to critical thinking and a positive attitude to people around them. These crucial factors provide them the feeling of respect, being heard, and valued. By and large, SEL online is an efficient tool in personality development. With numerous Internet opportunities, creating a healthy ground for communication and discussions among teachers and students are tangible. About worldwide online opportunities for virtualization of educational space, you can find out more here.

Those who do not receive these lessons experience the feeling of a struggle for their place in life and numerous social, emotional, and academic complications. Also, the absence of SEL education and the ability to build trusty relationships leads to mental health suffering and risky behaviors manifestations.

The strategy of fostering a growth mindset in children

Online conditions of studying differ from classic brick-and-mortar accommodation. However, with numerous programs, audio, and media materials, SEL teachers can generate curriculum for their virtual classes. The  are the practical suggestions on how to incorporate SEL in the classroom:

  • adding classical or meditation music: the daily audition within ten weeks creates a harmonica mood in the class;
  • telling about varieties, objectiveness, and race: nurturing and growth of tolerance significantly decreases the level of conflicts in the collective;
  • teaching cultural behavior on the Internet: the lessons aim to explain students norms of online etiquette and reduce digital bullying;
  • practicing yoga with children: this set of series provides excellent emotional balance for kids of kindergartener age;
  • including the literature and video materials about the psychology of success and power of mindset;
  • exposing acts of gentleness and compassion;
  • providing supplemental resources such as psychology literature;
  • Managing emotions and solving conflictual issues.

An established virtual place is necessary for instructors. It helps learners accept and grow the norms of healthy behavior for their success in the future.

SEL activities for the virtual learners

Except for the strictly aimed SEL action, an instructor can build the virtual SEL lessons based on the non-intrusive SEL activities, making them an integral part of online studying. Emphasizing these activities means:

  1. Warm morning welcoming. Settling a personal connection between teacher and students is crucial. It does not consume a lot of time and is possible online.
  2. Add emotional moments into your lessons. Socially emotional topics are very touching and will be engaging for your audience. 
  3. Develop partnership activities. Cooperation joins the group even within a virtual class, allowing children to expose their emotional state or make a choice.
  4. Teach collaborating in the class. Distance education includes a lot of individual work. The professional teacher assistance will help students develop leadership skills and try their strengths among group mates.
  5. Include role-plays. Sometimes we have to be someone to understand the situation completely. Showing your class how to help each other and exposing the gesture of kindness improves mental health in students.
  6. Create a vocabulary. Online social-emotional learning includes positively guiding learners. For example, a teacher should suggest replacing the pessimistic «I give up» with «let me think and try again» or «it is too hard» with «I need some time to comprehend it.» Providing studying material smoothly and being charitable to students is a significant part of SEL.
  7. Gather feedback. The Internet opens broad opportunities for feedback. Talk to your students about their emotional state during lessons. Their opinions will tell you which points to emphasize and what your group needs the most.
  8. Allow pauses to chat. Overburdening with the studying material makes children get bored and tired quickly. They visit such lessons reluctantly, involuntarily, keeping their emotions inside. A few minutes of chatting give them more confidence and help create understanding in the collective. A perfect idea to recharge batteries.
  9. Monitor the progress. Academic, emotional, and social success develops analytic skills and inspires learners to strive for more. Develop in your students the habit of analyzing their behavior. Online tools and applications fit excellent for this purpose and are not time-consuming.
  10. Make your students friends. Promoting leadership in students and creating a friendly atmosphere in the group are the necessary attributes of the lesson. An enemy circle closes their intellectual potential, spoils the mood, and rejects the desire to attend virtual meetings or to study at all.
  11. Hold regularity in-class meetings. The effect will be noticeable if you can gather the children frequently. Create a friendly atmosphere to make your students want to see you again and again. Empower your elocutionary skills and make the classes engaging.

H2: Ways of getting knowledge on SEL for teachers and instructors

SEL includes numerous strategies and methods. Instructors who have never experienced SEL but are curious how are teachers teaching online should get additional education or training. Make your lesson more productive and students — more successful. 

SEL has become increasingly necessary in an academic environment. Teachers should obtain these skills to implement them into their programs and courses. It is possible to find charge-free training for uprising skills and qualification enhancing. Some establishments provide certificates and Master’s degrees in arts on SEL. Getting it online is possible. There is no necessity to visit the training personally or stop regular classes. That is very convenient, especially for teachers with a tight schedule.

Also, a teacher can use various online resources or applications for self-education and implement the most appropriate tips. Whichever way of skills development an instructor chooses, it is the right step to modern studying and providing educational services professionally.

Maintaining SEL recommendations fits well both for children and adult groups, helping suppress stressful conditions, gain maximum benefit from the studying, and become successful. Transform your educational process the most convenient way. Your students will be grateful, and you will receive great pleasure from the work done.

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