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Frequency Season 2: Is The Series Canceled or Renewed?

Is your favorite pastime is watching mystery and espionage dramas? If your answer is a firm yes, you’ve most certainly binge-watched the Frequency series. Isn’t it?

All the fan-followers are seeking Frequency Season 2 after watching Frequency Season 1. You are one of them. Right…

The good news is that we’ve compiled a list of all the Frequency Season 2 renewal status, cast members, plotlines, and other important information below…

For gathering all the details, go through the below-written information-


Frequency Season 2

Tim Scanlan and Jae Marchant’s Frequency is an American television program with a mystery, drama, and science fiction theme. The first season of this TV series aired on The CW from 5th October 2016 to 25th January 2017 and consisted of 13 episodes.

It was inspired by  Toby Emmerich’s film of the same name. The titular character in The Time Detective is a young police detective who was able to converse with her deceased father via time, but there are some unexpected and disastrous side effects.

However, the TV program was not viable for a long time and had to be ended. On May 13, 2017, The CW released an epilogue for the series to provide a conclusion after the cancellation of this American mystery science fiction drama.

Is the Frequency TV program renewed or have they been canceled for a second season on The CW?

The most curiosity-generating question. Isn’t it? The one for which you’re searching… It’s not unusual for cult programs to be resurrected; the epilogue of Frequency provided a full and satisfactory conclusion to the series.

This network is still quite popular, but it’s hard to imagine any other network showing interest in reviving it now. At least the Frequency series’ fans were given closure, which is unusual in the realm of canceled television shows. So, it appears that its comeback is unlikely.

If released, Season 2 of Frequency may feature a new cast and characters.

We’ve provided extensive information about the series’ main characters, including who played them, and expect that they will return for filming if a second season is produced.

So, please take a look at it and let us know which star you adore most in the comment section. Here, we go:

  • Pelton List as Raimy Elizabeth Sullivan, a New York Police Department detective who discovers an unusual weather phenomenon that allows her to communicate with her deceased father using radio signals.
  • Frank Sullivan is the protagonist of “The Widow’s Whisper,” which follows his investigation into his wife’s murder. Riley Smith plays Francis Joseph or Frank Sullivan (Ralmy’s late father and a retired NYPD detective).
  • Raimy’s mother, Julie Elizabeth Sullivan is played by Devin Kalley, and her stepmother is played by Tena Sturgis. (Tena Sturgis plays Frank’s widow wife.)
  • Mekhi Phifer portrays Satch Reyna, Frank’s partner and now a detective.
  • Captain Stan Moreno is played by Anthony Ruivivar. Moreno is Ralmy’s training officer, although Frank and Ralmy believe he is corrupted.
  • Lenny Jacobson played Gordo, Ralmy’s childhood friend.
  • Daniel Bonjour as Daniel Lawrence (Raimy’s Fiance)

Season 2 of Frequency may introduce a few major changes if produced and released.

The show is based on a group of female spies and investigators that fight crime in the 1940s. It’s already been said that it’s a spy and mystery drama, which looks fantastic. The first season of Frequency is about Raimy (NYPD detective), who discovers that she can talk to her deceased father from the past via his old ham radio.

They resume working together to locate and stop a serial killer known as Nightingale before her mother becomes one of the sufferers after their conversation.

In the epilogue, Frank Ralmy’s father repairs the radio and informs her that the Nightingale (serial killer) perished in jail, while Raimy’s mother was assisting her with wedding plans. She schedules their wedding on the unexpected day of Raimy’s father’s death, June 14, 2011.

On the day her mother is to be cremated, Raimy persuades her father not to go out or get in a vehicle for the sake of her mother. Unfortunately, before her father can respond, the radio connection cuts out. But he reappears soon after behind his daughter and says, “I got it, kiddo.”

Where can you binge on Frequency Season 1?

The show has aired in the United States, but Netflix acquired the exclusive broadcast rights of Frequency in Canada, The United Kingdom, Ireland, India, and Oceania when new episodes were added to Netflix less than a day after their original American premiere.

You can also watch Frequency on Amazon Prime if you don’t have a Netflix subscription.

Frequency Season 2 Trailer:

As of now, there are no updates on the renewal of the series for a second sequel. So, a trailer for Frequency season 2 is not out yet. Watch the trailer for season 1 and make yourself familiar in case you are new to the series.

Customer and User Reviews of Frequency

Despite the fact that the Frequency TV series was dropped, it generated a favorable buzz since viewers were intrigued by the sci-fi concept and intrigue of the film. On IMDb, availability was regarded as 9.0/10, and popularity was 7.5/10, while on rotten tomatoes it got a rating of 77 percent. With a cost of $31 million, the program pulled in $68 million.

Concluding Note:

Frequency season 2’s chances are slim. On the grounds that it’s a TV series, there are many more adult males than child actors. The only youngsters who have made an appearance in this show have been characterized by their unusual behavior and odd actions. Many of its fans were dissatisfied with this condition, so the creators are not ready to remake the program and even they haven’t responded to it.

If anything changes with the program, we will rework the concerned portion for you. Until then, keep up with us for all of the latest information.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates regarding Frequency season 2 with alphanewscall!

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