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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Laptop with SSD

Everyone likes their laptop. It’s a great companion for work and plays, but the storage capacity is limited to either a fixed hard drive or an optical disk. But now, more and more people are turning to SSDs because of their fast speeds and great performance.

There are several debates about why SSDs have pretty big limitations. Many people choose to not invest in SSDs because of their high cost, but here are 5 reasons you should go with an SSD instead of an HDD.

5 Reasons Why SSD is a better option

The battery life of laptops with SSD are longer than those without

This might have to do with the fact that laptops running on SSDs consume less power, so you can expect your device to last longer on a single charge. You can even find some models that offer up to 12 hours of battery life.

If you are having a hard time finding one for yourself, check out the list of best laptops under 600 dollars, the list has laptops handpicked by the editors at Geekyslug.

Faster downloads

Since SSDs use no moving parts, it is easy to start your operating system faster than an HDD. Once the startup gets going, an SSD will almost immediately open your apps because of how fast it operates.

Hard drives come at a speed of about 150MB/s and offer 4TB storage capacity, but SSDs can go as fast as 1GB/S and store only 500GB at the max. So if you want to save more data and still find it very easy to access, then an SSD is the way to go.

Faster boot times

If you’re the kind of person who hates waiting for their computer to be ready, then this is for you. Boot time refers to the amount of time it would take for your computer (laptop) to load an operating system (for example Windows 10).

A quick boot time only takes a few seconds with an SSD compared to the regular hard drives where it can take up about half an hour.

If you’re using a laptop with an HDD drive, then expect that it’ll take at least 30 seconds or more to complete this process. On the other hand, SSDs only take roughly 7 seconds for this same task so you get to save time.

Cooler computing

Remember that laptops are compact devices, and they generate heat when processing data. Since SSDs use less power than HDD drives, your laptop is more likely to run cooler so you can enjoy the device even longer without worrying about overheating.

Conventional hard drives produce heat that can even burn you, but this is not the case with SSDs since they do not store any data for a longer time and use less power, thus running much cooler than regular laptops.

Non-volatile memory storage

An important thing to keep in mind when it comes to computer components is the difference between volatile and non-volatile memory types. Volatile memories lose their content after a reboot while non-volatile memories retain their content after reboot.

That’s why you need an SSD because it has non-volatile memory which makes it hold all of your files, documents, apps, software programs, etc. despite If you want to upgrade your laptop components, then the best option is to switch to an SSD altogether.

This is because it has no moving parts that can wear out easily, giving you better performance and more flexibility in terms of storage capacity at the same time.

It’s also fairly easy to install them if you’re upgrading from your hard drive (HDD) – simply plug and play! There are even some laptops out there with pre-installed SSDs so look for them when shopping around or read up reviews about how people like their devices.

Overall, make sure that you invest in an SSD if you feel that HDD just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not only will your laptop run faster but it’ll be easier on your eyes too. Remember, it’s all about portability so get the best SSD today!

Types of SSDs for Laptop

There are two types of SSDs: 2.5-inch and M.2. These correspond to sizes of laptop internal hardware, so if your computer has a 2.5-inch space then you can install an SSD with that size; M.2 is available for laptops with other types of slots.

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find laptops with SSDs onboard so look around for them when shopping for devices. This way, you can upgrade and enjoy the benefits of SSDs from day one.

The first type is the older and more common one for laptops, and it uses a SATA interface to connect with your device. The second type is designed specifically for ultra-thin devices such as ultrabooks or tablets, and they use different connectors like Slim-22 Pins (mSATA), NB1/B+M Key (M.2), etc.

If you want an upgrade, then make sure that your laptop has the right slot for these drives bere buying them separately because it can be difficult to find compatible components without doing some research beforehand.


All of these benefits are the reasons why you should choose to buy a laptop with an SSD installed. The storage capacity may be small, but that’s not really an issue because their speed and performance will make up for it.

Do your research first before buying any laptops or even SSDs so you won’t waste money on incompatible hardware; this way, you can enjoy the benefits of an upgraded laptop from day one.

That’s all for today. I hope this article was useful to you and that you now know why it’s better to buy a laptop with an SSD onboard.

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