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ABC Canceled Deception Season 2: Latest Updates So Far!!

ABC pulled Deception. Do you know how the show will continue its story?

The show first landed on ABC on March 11, 2018. It has 13 episodes that are all currently available for streaming on the network’s website or mobile app.

ABC canceled season 2 of the series last month and there is no word yet as to whether it will be returning at any point in the future. ABC has canceled the show without any warnings. Do you want to know why?

Here are the reasons and chances of revival.

Will Deception Ever Return for Season 2? What Is the Possibility of Revival of the Series?

ABC canceled the series on May 11, 2018. The cancellation was due to declining viewership- the pilot episode had 5.9 million viewers, but later episodes could only hold 1 or 2 million viewers at most ABC canceled the series for the next episodes, which had low ratings.

However, the second season of this series was canceled. After John left his wife Annalise and her group of interns behind at the end of season 1, they need to find a new way to spend their time. Along with that, fans also hoped for a comeback in the upcoming months.

Nevertheless, ABC has not decided to renew the series so far. More than two years have elapsed and no other streaming giant picked up the show yet. Yet it’s not time to lose hope. Given the demand for a second season of the program, some network or streaming companies will soon revive it.

We will let you know if we come to know about any updates regarding renewal. Stay tuned till then. Deception Season 2

What Is The Storyline of Deception? What Can We Expect From Season 2?

The story in The Deception starts with a famous illusionist named Cameron Black. He was living in Las Vegas and had a reputable job, but within the first few minutes of showtime, he and his group were fired from their job due to something that broke all ethical rules anywhere. His problems didn’t stop here.

His brother ended up in jail, and a woman with hidden motives made her way into his life. Shortly thereafter, he joined the FBI to help criminal matters that are happening around him by making illusions of reality.

Funding for healthcare can be hard enough when you have insurance but add financial hardship to It is unclear if he also had the motive of saving his brother.

Why Will Deception Season 2 Ever Return?

But in spite of these high ambitions and Jonathan having success, he is left with some regret. Resentful Cameron at what his brother had set him up to have when they were kids, which was a lot more than what he had

It’s speculated season 2 will pick up where the first one left off with Cameron behind bars and Jonathan living life outside. ABC canceled the show, so there is no Season 2. Why did ABC cancel the show?

The Trailer of Deception Season 2?

We cannot expect the trailer for season 2 until the showrunners of deception renewed it. But you can watch an exciting trailer from season 1 till the release of another one! The show was canceled due to its mixed ratings. IMDB rating of 7.5 Rotten Tomatoes, It scored an approval rating of 63% making the average rating 6.01/10.

Metacritic- It has a rating of 51 out of 100 based on the views of 8 critics. The New York Times rated the show 3 out of 5. Deception Season 2

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Where Can We Watch Deception Season 1?

Currently, it is running on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu.

Why has “Deception” been canceled? ABC canceled Deception in 2018, but what are the odds it will return?

This page features up-to-date information on updates and announcements surrounding the cancellation.

Furthermore, Jack Cutmore-Scott is fantastic as Cameron Black and he won the Breakout Actor award in E! s TVScoopAwards. Once you start watching it, you’ll be hooked due to shocks and surprises in the storyline. The mystery of the woman in the show will make You won’t be able to leave with the mid-season finale. The overall experience is joyful and pleasant to watch.

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