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Who is Jake Paul Dating? Girlfriend & Relationship Timeline!

Jake Paul is a YouTuber who grew to become an expert boxer. Like his older brother Logan, Jake firstly grew to become a celebrity on Vine earlier than the app grew to become extinct in 2017.

After that, he proceeded to YouTube, where his prank content stuff and vlogs introduced him to each reputation and fortune. Paul is presently well worth upwards of $10 million.

He is additionally had an instead profitable boxing career, with a 3-0 expert record. His latest win used to be a first spherical TKO towards former UFC fighter Ben Askren on April 17th. 

In addition to this, he’s additionally fought and defeated NBA legend Nate Robinson and YouTuber AnEsonGib to provide him his ideal record.

Paul has also fought in a white-collar bout towards Deji, KSI’s youthful brother, as a precursor to Logan Paul Vs. KSI 1, a battle he gained using TKO. 

While he hasn’t fought any good expert boxers yet, his profession, so away, is off to a good start.

Many of us have located ourselves crushing on good-looking YouTube persona Jake Paul at some point or another. After all, who wouldn’t choose to be on the Jake Paul lady friend list?

However, seeing that we can’t be Jake Paul’s new lady friend ourselves, we can sincerely take a seem to be into his steamy listing of ex-lovers. And, his courting records are frankly fascinating to take a seem to be through.

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So, whether or not if you think who Jake Paul’s female friend (and why isn’t it you) is, you’re in the proper place. Let’s dive into the whole lot you want to comprehend about Jake Paul’s relationships history!

Jake Paul Dating And Girlfriends History

With his online celeb status, loads of females appear to be involved in a relationship with Jake Paul. Add to that his dependence on faking a lot of his social interactions on YouTube for views, and it will become tough to inform which of his relationships are real. With all that in thinking, though, right here is a listing of Jake Paul’s girlfriends:

Saxon Sharbino

Saxon Sharbino is an American heroine who accompanied Paul in 2014. While most of their relationship used to be off digicam, they did meet as soon as in 2017, where they shot a clip for Jake’s channel titled “a dialog with my ex-girlfriend.”

Alissa Violet

Jake went on to his subsequent girlfriend, Alissa Violet, after his breakup with Saxon. She is probably the most widely widespread of all his previous girlfriends.

Alissa is a model, star, and YouTube lead. She was most lately regarded at Milan Fashion Week in 2020, strutting her stuff on the catwalk. However, that used to belong after her relationship with Jake finished.

Jake and Alissa were in love from 2016 to 2017. However, that used to be a short-lived romance. Jake Paul accused Alissa of being dishonest with him with his brother, Logan Paul. The two struggled very openly across social media, replacing critical messages and DMs.

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Following the breakup, Alissa insisted that Jake emotionally and psychologically tormented her. Meantime, Logan Paul built a track video challenging his brother’s division and providing Alissa. Alissa and Logan then bought together, even though this too was once short-lived.

Tessa Brooks

Shortly after the enterprise with Alissa in 2017, Jake used to be viewed making out with fellow crew 10 member Tessa Brooks. This amazed many due to the fact Tessa used to be Alissa’s first-rate pal at the time. 

She later introduced she was once leaving group 10 in 2018, announcing she used to be achieved with Jake, in a YouTube video that has due to the fact been made private.

Taela Dunn

Jake and actress Taela made out in one of his movies in 2017. It was once shocking because she was once hooking up with Logan Paul in 2016. 

Though the two stated the kiss wasn’t simply a digital camera ploy to get views, it’s suspected that it used to be clickbait due to the fact they have by no means been considered collectively since.

Erika Costell

The most passionate attachment Jake Paul has had, so some distance, was once with Erika Costell. This relationship began in 2017, and the two grew to be inseparable as quickly as they commenced dating.

They have been continuously featured on every other’s YouTube channels and have been the photograph of love. On the pinnacle of that, the two of them recorded music titled Chitty Bang and launched merchandise together.

Erika Costell was once born in 1992 and is a singer, model, and YouTuber. She presently lives in LA and continues to pursue her vlogging career. She dated Jake Paul in 2017, and using June of that year; they have been making regular appearances on every other’s channels.

Even though it was once published to be fake, the two even watched a movie that featured them getting married. Afterward, Erika wrote music known as Jerika, which talked about their relationship.

Tana Mongeau

For every person who likes a bit of news, you surely can’t leave out the essential points of Jake Paul’s connection with Tana Mongeau. 

These two dated in 2019 and have been collectively at some stage in the lockdown of 2020, even though their relationship didn’t live to tell the tale of the pandemic.

Born in 1998, Tana Mongeau is a model, net personality, and musician. She creates comedy movies on YouTube, the place she has almost two billion followers.

She and Jake bought collectively in April 2019. However, they solely lasted a few months earlier than taking a break. Still, the two of them remained pals and commenced a relationship once more later that year.

Fans cherished the romance because it used to be performed online, which means they acquired to be a section of the entire process. 

Then, throughout their whirlwind romance, Jake Paul proposed to Tana Mongeau and the two to prepare for their fortunately ever after.

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