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Lu Bu Powers In Dynasty Warriors! Detailed Report

Dynasty Warriors is an action film. Lu Bu acknowledges that he does not have any supernatural powers in the movie, but his strength is displayed through his exceptional fighting technique. 

In this way, he is similar to Sun Wukong from “Journey to the West. While Lu Bu is not a deity, he has supernatural strength and can jump incredible heights.

In the film, Lu Bu’s specialty is ax-grinding. He can split a one-legged man in two with a single strike. It’s also noted that he will neither eat nor sleep, and he uses his incredible physical strength to avoid his enemies at all costs. 

Lu Bu is also able to focus body energy into attacking enemies from afar. This process is called “huǒ luò,” in Chinese which means “fire erosion.”

Lu Bu destroys a battalion of soldiers in the movie without even unsheathing his sword. He is also known to have incredible stamina in both the film and the video game series. 

Lu Bu can run 50 miles in one hour, which is impressive given how fast he moves during battle. In the film, Lu Bu is highly loyal to his emperor, Dong Zhuo.

Lu Bu Magical Powers In Dynasty Warriors

Double-bladed halberd

Lu Bu is most infamous for his weapon of choice, the double-bladed halberd. The halberd was a popular melee weapon in the 14th century for its ability to penetrate armor with its sword-like blades, and Lu Bu is an expert with it.

Lu Bu is a master of it in the movie, dividing the weapon between its blades while fighting. At one point, he even uses it to bisect a rider and his horse. 

In the video games, this may be a trick that’s only available when Lu Bu unleashes his rage, which is how he transforms from his usual self to a superhuman fighter in “Dynasty Warriors.”

Rage transformation

In the games, Lu Bu has a special meter that allows him to unleash his inner wolf. Once the gauge is full, Lu Bu’s hair will stand on end in a wolfish fashion, his muscles will bulge, and he’ll fight with superhuman strength and power.

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In the movie, this is done by taking him off his regular medication. He starts out looking less like a wolf and more like a Wookiee after taking some medicine early in the film. 

While it’s not explicitly stated that his transformation into this furry monster is due to any medication change, it’s implied when he mentions his need for more.


The movie shows Lu Bu fighting more fluidly than the games do, which is surprising since he’s also inhumanly fast. He can cover a lot of ground and attack with speed and precision. 

He never falls into the uncanny valley that commonly plagues CGI because his movements and expressions are so lifelike — even when he’s twirling his blades around.


Even though the real Lu Bu, according to history, was killed by the Sworn Brothers in both the video games and the movie, he is still alive at the end. 

While it’s never stated how they can kill him physically, they can shoot him physically with arrows even though he can deflect them with his halberd.

In both versions of “Dynasty Warriors,” they can also land a mortal blow on Lu Bu without him being able to retaliate in any way.


While he can’t deflect enemy attacks, Lu Bu also doesn’t seem to hurt them. In the games, he’s able to shrug off several arrows with little effort. 

It happens in the movie as well, as they shoot him through his halberd with their swords and arrows and still land hits on him without him being able to block them.

Immense strength

While Lu Bu is superhuman in both his human and werewolf forms, he’s also more substantial than he should be. In the games, he can easily pick up a horse and throw it at an enemy. 

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The movie takes this a step further as he actually picks up Zhang Bao and throws him at a carriage instead.

Immense durability

Lu Bu is incredibly durable as well. While he can’t block arrows or blades with his halberd, it doesn’t seem to bother him when they hit him. In the movie, it takes multiple hits to knock him down, and even then, he’s not hurt and can get up again. 

If the same heroic attacks were made in the video games, Lu Bu would likely be killed instantly — although this is true for all enemies in the game.

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