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Destroy All Humans Remake: Changes After Remake

Destroy All Humans is a classic PS2 game from 2005. It’s a wacky, zany open-world action game in which you play as an alien with the ability to possess the bodies of humans. 

Your alien character is one of a trio, and when you die in any given mission, it’s up to your other two team members to avenge your death and succeed in the mission objectives.

The original had many missions in it, playable in different story arcs that brought about new powers for your character and missions that took place on other planets. 

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The remake has added quite a few new missions to the game, with the most notable being mini-games in outer space. These mini-games are all very well-designed for what they are, with each one having its distinct feel and presentation.

The game was built on Unreal Engine 3, but thanks to its new visuals, it looks like an entirely different game now. The lighting is gorgeous; there’s no longer any grainy or muddy textures insight. 

Instead, it’s clear and crisp, with little to no aliasing. Furthermore, the characters are incredibly detailed, and the world of Earth is bright and colorful.

Like its predecessor, Destroy All Humans! is a sandbox-style open-world action game in which players have free rein on a large map located on Earth. 

The atmosphere in this remake takes place sometime after the events of the original game’s storyline. You play as a team of four humans whose aim is to defend their planet against an alien invasion.

New Skills

Crypto’s skills when he joined the single-player campaign in the original game return in this remake. Such skills include Disguise, which is used to fool humans into thinking Crypto is a human himself. 

Yet more new additions can be found in the Skills menu, where you can purchase and upgrade skills to improve your chances of success in later missions.

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However, sadly none of these skills affect gameplay — they’re there for fun. You can purchase these skills with XP that you gain from missions, but this is unnecessary.

Hover boots

The hover boots also allow for a fun new mechanic to appear in this game: parkour. Crypto can now perform tricks with his hover boots like wall-running and air-dashing, which will enable him to navigate the environment with ease. 

It is most notable when performing missions that require you to reach a particular destination quickly, but there’s no denying that they’re great fun to use and look fabulous.

New Music

The music in this remake of the game is spectacular. Some new tracks play throughout the world of Earth, and there’s even a brand new boss track to play when you face off against the Xenopede. 

These new tracks add some personality to the characters and world of Earth, and they’re lovely to listen to while playing.

New Co-Op Mode

While the original game allowed for co-op play in some missions, the remake adds a new co-op mode to allow players to work together seamlessly. 

It can be accessed when playing on the same computer or when playing split-screen with a friend. However, this generally takes away from the sense of freedom missing from the original game — it’s incredibly disappointing because it lacked in this aspect of gameplay all along. Overall, it is a significant improvement for this remake.


This game looks like a different title altogether. This version has improved the textures and models and the lighting to make it appear more detailed. 

While playing the game, you can notice these improvements, making it clear that this remake was built from the ground up with modern hardware in mind.

Friendly Interference

A feature that was introduced in Destroy All Humans! 2, friendly interference is back with a vengeance in this remake. 

It doesn’t help in any way, and it can be downright punishing when you’re trying to do anything other than what it wants you to.


Overall, this remake of Destroy, All Humans! is a great success. It’s an old game made new, and while the gameplay remains the same, every aspect has been improved. 

The graphics are better than ever before, and the controls work well even if they’re not always ideal. The only thing that keeps this from being a perfect game is the lack of personalization — it is very much a multiplayer experience now.

The controls are still solid enough, though, and they’ve been simplified for those who don’t have much experience with platforming games. 

The joysticks work well for most of the map, but the camera can be problematic in some areas. However, this isn’t a major enough issue to upset your enjoyment of the game.


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