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World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.1.5 PTR Comes With Community Requested Characteristics

It sounds like the World of Warcraft team has been heartened by the negative feedback on their stated plan not to add any more character adjustments to Shadowlands. 

Shadowlands Update 9.15 will be released on the PTR next week, and much of what you will find is a direct result of collective feedback. 

It includes some of the most frequently requested changes, such as facilitating exchanges between convention and conduit updates, so you don’t have to repeat the convention campaign, new character adjustment options for races that previously lacked them, and many more changes that will help you play the way you want.    

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Other Updates

Other updates concerning the PTR include the fact that you do not have to repeat the Convention campaign all the time at your age. The campaign will now skip Old and the opportunity for interchange between them. 

This change is one of the outgrowths of many ongoing discussions with the development team that focused on feedback when players felt that the WoW content they liked most was locked into an experience they didn’t like. 

With the content update available on the 9.15 PTR, not only will a host of new features and updates be available. But we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on what they will be. 

Shadowlands 9.1.5 PTR Update

It was announced that the upcoming 9.15 update would introduce new character customization options for two allied races that get less attention than the rest: the Nightborne, Lightforge, and Draenei. 

It has been one of the outgrowths of many ongoing discussions with the development team, which focused on feedback on the times when players felt excited about the content they liked best but were excluded from experiences they did not like. 

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We have received the phrase that Shadowlands 9.1.5 will add a character customization combination for the Nightbornes, Lightforged, and Dranei.  

With the arrival of the 9.15 PTR, we wanted to share some more information about the variety of new features that this update will receive with the content update.  

In recent weeks, we have exchanged updates as quickly as possible as we focus on the immediate future of our employees at work and the following players. 

Several enhancements have been introduced to support the smoother shaping of alternative characters in Shadowlands. Like additional rank and heirloom upgrades and improvements to Threads of Destiny, such as the addition of the Torghast option and notoriety gained by achieving bonus targets. 

With this update, which hits the PTR, you embody the truth of what you have received, and you have a repetition of the Convention campaign in your hand.

Changes After World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.15 PTR Update

Several changes to the introductory experience of World of Warcraft have been made. It includes improved character and class information on the Character Selection screen with more robust tooltips and images, enhanced lower-level health and mana regeneration, and adjustments to various classes design to help players get started. 

Learn more about the design decisions and changes in our Shadowlands development updates here.    

Apart from the update to the feature and the new time-walking experience, we’ve revisited Legion this time with some twists. This patch falls outside the whole content level and provides an opportunity to concentrate on balance changes on the core systems based on feedback and data from the season. 

Patch 9.15 will go live for the main game on October 5th. But Blizzard announced in its tweet that it would hit the PTR servers the week of August 29th to September 4th. 

Must read:

The next update may not fix every single issue in the game. But it shows that developers are paying attention to what demands the player base. Many of the default interface options and settings have been changed to make them user-friendly for new players. 

Existing players creating a new character should check the interface options, the default settings feel different.   

This feature no longer restricts the ability to view three dungeons in a group at once. 

Level-appropriate rewards are now offered when players select a random dungeon option in the dungeon before the Lich King’s wrath. Players are warned that their talents will be reset with each new patch.    

Stay tuned with us for further updates and info!


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