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Who Is Adin Ross? All About Popular Youtuber And Twitch Streamer

You must have heard a lot about Adin Ross, who is a famed name in streaming. But if some of you are unaware of the star then let us tell you Adin is a popular Youtube influencer and a Twitch streamer. 

Over the last couple of years, Adin has made his name known to the public by coming up with various content that is posted on both Instagram and YouTube. He is a tricky guy who knows roughly all the tactics to garner views for his videos. Scroll down to learn more about the current sensation Adin Ross, who rose to fame as a successful Twitch streamer in no time. 

Who is Adin Ross?

Adin David Ross, the popular social media star and a popular Twitch streamer are renowned for streaming games including GTA V and NBA 2K20. He was born on Oct. 11, 2000, to Jewish parents in Florida. He is the second son of the family as they have an elder daughter named Naomi. 

Who Is Adin Ross All About Popular Youtuber And Twitch Streamer

Ross initially moved to New York and then shifted to California. As far as his education is concerned, Adin Ross attended Woodlake Union High School, but he was interested in streaming from a very young age. 

Once, Adin Ross revealed that he sacrificed his high school prom only to stream on Twitch. Also, he disclosed in another interview that one of his relatives stabbed him in the head while he was asleep. But it was later discovered that the relative was mentally ill and therefore he was eventually admitted to the asylum. 

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When Did Adin Ross Begin Streaming On Twitch?

Over the last decade, Adin Ross turned out to be one of the best Twitch streamers. He began streaming on Twitch regularly and joined the NBA group Always Excelling. He came across Bronny James, son of LeBron James through this. 

When Did Adin Ross Begin Streaming On Twitch

Ross came to prominence after playing NBA 2K20 with Bronny and did wager matches with other YouTubers and streamers. In 2020, while Adin and Bronny were streaming, LeBron stopped by and uploaded it on Twitter. It was a warm introduction of Adin to the world of streaming and now, he has a huge fan base on Twitch. 

By the end of NBA 2K21, he got bored of NBA 2K21 and went to launch the hashtag “#make2 funagain.” Once launched, it became a sensation and trending number 1 globally.  Apart from that, he also introduced a date-fixing concept while playing. 

Adin Ross’s official channel on YouTube

Since 2014, Adis Ross has been a regular on YouTube as he began to post a string of content on his channel which was related to his lifestyle as well as other comedy-centric videos.

At this moment, he has amassed millions and millions of subscribers on his official YouTube channel. His videos are completely based on pranks, challenges and other entertaining content. 

Why Did Adin Get Banned From Twitch? 

Sometime in the past year, Adin texted saying he was banned from Twitch and the tweet has been long deleted now.  But along with the announcement, Adin also stated that he was unaware of why he was banned. 

He explained that he didn’t know what he said or did which would have led to the ban, and he didn’t even know if it occurred on VOD or stream. 

But it was mentioned that he got banned due to ‘hateful use of slurs.’ It also said that his contents contained hate group emblems as well. Following that, a fan claimed that Adin had used a homophobic slur over RAGE’s audio calling stream. Shortly after, RAGE announced that it wasn’t Adin, but one of his high school friends. He further returned in June 2022. 

However, he was again banned from the Livestream and the recent suspension ended on Nov. 10, 2022. Back then, he broadcast the entire incident after he got to know that the SWAT team had arrived at his residence. 

After his Livestream, the ban ended soon as it only lasted for roughly 27 minutes. 

Adin Ross On Instagram 

Just like any other streamer, Adin Ross also has an account on Instagram and it has more than 4 million followers. However, the young star has only 15 posts on Instagram. But that is more than enough to have an idea about Adin Ross’ lifestyle. It includes a pair of snaps from his world tour and others with shi family and friends. 

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