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Kantai Collection Season 2- Everything We Know So Far

Kantai Collection also referred to as ‘KanColle’ is a popular Japanese anime television series. It has been created by Diomedea based on the game series of the same name produced by Kadokawa Games. In the anime, humanity is under the threat of an abyssal fleet that has taken over the seas.

Special human girls who don armed garments and have the spirit of old navy ships known as kanmusu are the only ones equipped to fight off the threat posed by the abyssal fleet that has seized control of the oceans. The kanmusu share a home at a naval base where they go about their daily lives while starting to prepare for battle.

The popular anime series has received approval for a sequel that is set to be released soon this year titled ‘KanColle: Itsuka Ano Umi de’.

About Kantai Collection Season 2

Kantai Collection’s anime adaptation, commonly known as KanColle, will get a second season in November 2022, according to Kadokawa. The corporation also unveiled the season’s main image in conjunction with the announcement.

Kantai Collection Season 2

Shigure is prominently featured in the new key visual, along with other characters including Yamashiro, Fusou, and Mogami. In addition, Kadokawa unveiled the cast and crew returning for the upcoming season on a new website created just for the show.

As part of the ongoing AnimeJapan 2022 event, the announcement was made. The notification was tweeted by the C2 Kikan account. The characters will engage in a “harsh combat unlike any they have seen before,” according to the official press release.

Kantai Collection Season 2 Expected Release Date

KanColle season 2 will premiere in 2022, Kadokawa stated back in January during the Chinjyufu New Year Live program. However, after the first season concluded, the second season’s initial filming began in 2015.  According to reports, the second season will be an independent work set in 1944 and have no connection to the first.

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What Will Plot Kantai Collection Season 2 Be About?

A huge ensemble of female characters from the anime “Kantai Collection” portray a variety of World War II-era warships. The protagonist of the story is a figure named Fubuki who, in the first episode of the series, joins a naval base as its newest recruit and has the spirit of a destroyer.

The remainder of the anime is recounted through Fubuki’s perspective; however, the programme does feature a number of characters from that point on, representing the multiple collectible characters in its video game source material.

The destroyer Shigure is the centre of the Nishimura Fleet, which is being introduced as a significant element in Season 2 of the show. The Nishimura Fleet in “KanColle” is based on Vice Admiral Shoji Nishimura’s fleet of ships because he was a real-life naval officer.

Where To Watch Kantai Collection Season 2?

Just like the first season of the anime the second season of Kantai Collection is most likely going to the streaming platform crunchyroll. The twelve episodes of the first season of the series are available to watch on the platform.

Kantai Collection Season 2- Everything We Know So Far

In January 2015, the first 12-episode TV anime series debuted. As the programme aired in Japan, Crunchyroll streamed it online. In June 2017, Funimation published the show on DVD and Blu-ray Disc with English dub and subtitles. We’re expecting a similar pattern to be followed for the sequel.

Kantai Collection- Cast

The sequel will see the return of the original cast with the addition of new characters that will be introduced in the upcoming episodes. Currently, Kantai Collection’s cast consists of talented voice actors like – Saki Fujita, Yumi Tanabe, Aya Suzaki, Yui Horie, Iori Nomizu, Yui Ogura, Risa Taneda, Kozue Hayasaka, Wakana Miyawaka, Mana Komatsu, Ayana Taketatsu, Yuki Yamada, and Nao Tōyama.

The staff roles are as follows – Miura, Kazuya as Director, Tanaka Kensuke as Scriptwriter, and Series composition and Imaizumi Yuuichi as sound director.

The Talk On Social Media About Kantai Collection Season 2

The sequel announcement has taken the internet by storm. People have already started demanding more screen time for their favorite characters on Twitter and other platforms like the giant anime forum MyAnimeList.

The confirmation tweet by production company C2 Kikan received thousands of retweets and likes as fans were finally getting their long-awaited sequel. Fans are rejoicing and expressing their happiness as their demands for a new season since 2015 is finally being fulfilled.

KanColle anime first season is rated at a whopping 6.84 score on MyAnimeList and is ranked under the top #1000 anime series of all time.

What To Expect From Kantai Collection Season 2?

As per the leaks and the deleted trailer on MyAnimeList forums this is what can be expected from the upcoming season. The destroyer Shigure is going to be the center of the Nishimura Fleet, which plays a significant role in Season 2.

The Nishimura Fleet in “KanColle” will be based on Vice Admiral Shoji Nishimura’s fleet of ships who was a real-life naval officer.

In addition, the since-deleted video released to MyAnimeList implied that the Season 2 plot might reference the historical World War 2 fight at Surigao Strait. However, “Kantai Collection” isn’t known for adhering to historical accuracy, of course.

For instance, Vice author Jonathan Gad pointed out that the series’ heroes’ triumph at the Battle of Midway, which resulted in a win for the American forces in the actual Second World War. Therefore, like how the Nishimura fleet is anticipated to prevail in Surigao Strait.

Kantai Collection Episode Guide

In contrast to the typical one-course television animation length of 11–13 episodes, Kadokawa said that this sequel will only have eight episodes as the creators intentionally sought to heighten the quality by conveying a more condensed story with fewer episodes.

Thus, unlike the first season of the anime which had 12 episodes, the new season is only expected to have 8 episodes. The details of season 2 episodes are not available however season 1 had the following list of episodes –

E01 – Hello! Commander!

E02 – Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!

E03 – The Operation to Capture W Island!

E04 – Follow me!

E05 – Don’t Compare Me to the Girls in Carrier Group Five!

E06 – Destroyer Division Six and the Battle of Curry Seas!

E07 – I Hate Carrier Group One!

E08 – I’m Not a Hotel!

E09 – Second Remodel-poi?!

E10 – Let’s Do Our Best!

E11 – Operation MI Begins!

E12 – Enemy Planes Dive-Bombing From Above!

Is Kantai Collection Season 2 Trailer Out?

No official trailer for the sequel has been released of yet. There is a rumored trailer that was deleted from MyAnimeList discussion forums, but it is no longer accessible. For now, fans would just have to wait for the studio to drop the official trailer soon.

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