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Who Is Jon Du Pre? Is Melinda French Dating Former TV Reporter Jon Du Pre?

The news related to the dating life of Melinda French Gates and Jon Du Pre has been circulating all over the internet. People across the globe are highly anticipating the confirmation of the rumors about the new love life of Melinda French. It seems that she has embarked on her first romance with a former TV reporter Jon Du Pre after her high-profile divorce from Bill Gates.

Who Is Jon Du Pre?

As per sources, Jon Du Pre who is in his sixty-three is a former correspondent for Fox News as a vociferous news reporter and he is currently working as a communication specialist. Jon Du Pre has been working as a strategic communication specialist and he is well-experienced in his career spanning more than thirty-five years of experience. 

Who Is Jon Du Pre

According to several sources, Jon Du Pre has three children from his previous marriage with Gina, his ex-wife. His children are Kasey, Johnny, and Jessue, with his ex-wife Gina.  

He is an all-rounder and he has very well experience in broadcasting, writing, and in video production. 

More details about Jon Du Pre are not quite in handy since he is not that much of a celebrity figure but now his name has been circulating all over the internet because of his new alleged love relationship with Melinda French, who was the Ex-wife of the billionaire Bill Gates. 

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Is Melinda French Dating Jon Du Pre?

As per reports, Melinda French Gates has taken her life into a new turn by embarking on her first romance since her high-profile divorce from Bill Gates. She has decided to turn over a new leaf and she has found her solace in Jon Du Pre. 

Even though the exact date of when they started their relationship is unknown, it is true that it has been months since they are dating each other. It is pretty obscure how long have they been into each other but they have been photographed together at Nets and Celtics games as far back as April. 

 Jon Du Pr

It is so lovely that Melinda French has fallen in love again after some great events that really shook her life to the core. Amidst the social media’s quest to find out more about their relationship, they both have been maintaining their privacy stringently private.

Melinda French and Jon Du Pre made sure their relationship does not fall under the claws of social media and it really seems that the new couple is very strong about their relationship. So it seems pretty clear that Melinda French would be so strong with her new relationship and she won’t turn back in her life to repent about what she has lost in the way of achieving other things. 

Melinda French is one of the astounding American philanthropists and the general manager at Microsoft. Born on August 15, 1964, Melinda French is ranked as one of the world’s most compelling women. Her net worth is estimated at 660 crores USD and most of her wealth she spends on several charitable organizations and more. 

The Divorce Of Melinda French And Bill Gates 

It was truly unbelievable to the world when the divorce news broke out all over the internet. The former couple Melinda French and Bill Gates got married in early 1994 and they share three children together named Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe. 

It was truly a shock to the entire world when the divorce news got disseminated and people were truly in a befuddled state thinking about what would have possibly happened in a marriage that has lasted for years and years. 

Who Is Jon Du Pre?

They decided to get separated in May 2021, completing indeed a long thirty years of marriage, and it was finalized in the following month of August. After the divorce, they both said that even though they are separated legally and mentally as husband and wife they would continue to run their foundation named the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation together as partners in business.

During their divorce trials, Melinda French said in an interview that “ I had some reasons I just couldn’t stay in that marriage anymore. But the odd thing about covid is that it gave me the privacy to do what I needed to do. It’s unbelievably painful, in innumerable ways, but I had the privacy to get through it.

I kept working with the person I was moving away from, and I needed to show up and be my best self every single day. So even though I might be crying at 9 am and then have to be on a video conference at 10 am with the person I am leaving. I have to show up and be my best”. 

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These were the words that Melinda French uttered when she was asked about her divorce. When Bill Gates was asked about his broken marriage with Melinda he replied that from his point of view his marriage was a great one and he wouldn’t have chosen to marry someone else. But certain things got changed and they had to part ways for the better. 

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