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Argentina 1985 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More Updates!

Argentina 1985 is an upcoming Spanish movie exploring the genres of Drama, Mystery, and Thriller. It is based on the true sequence of events, the aims to display the true battle of justice against all odds. The director of the film is Santiago Mitre, also the writer along with Mariano Llinás. Argentina 1985 release date is officially announced.

Argentina 1985 Release Date Has Been Confirmed! Where To Watch?

The production houses involved are La Union de los Rios, Kenya Films, and Infinity Hill. The producers are Victoria Alonso, Santiago Carabante, Chino Darin, Rivardo Darin, Axel Kuschevatzky, Agustina Llambi-Campbell, Santiago Mitre, Federico Posternak, Phin Glynn, and Cindy Teperman.

argentina 1985 release date

Argentina 1985 cast members include Ricardo Darín, Peter Lanzani, Carlos Portaluppi, Norman Briski, Alejo García Pintos, Héctor Díaz, Alejandra Flechner, and Claudio Da Passano.

Everything We Know About Argentina 1985 Movie!

Argentina 1985 streaming will be done on the online streaming platform Amazon prime videos globally on 21st October 2022. It is not sure whether the political thriller will be having a theatrical release or not. As of now, no information has been provided by the makers of the film about its release on the other streaming platforms.

MovieArgentina 1985
DirectorSantiago Mitre
StarsNorman Briski
Claudio Da Passano
Ricardo Darín
Original NetworkAmazon Prime
Venice International Film Festival Release dateSeptember 30, 2022
OTT Release date21st October 2022

Argentina 1985 Release Date

Argentina 1985 release date on Amazon prime is 21st October 2022. The movie will also be having a special premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival in the month of September 30, 2022.

Apart from this, it is expected to be released on a few streaming platforms as well like Amazon Instant videos, and Vudu after its official release on the online streaming service Amazon Prime Videos.No information has been released about its theatrical release.

Argentina 1985 Plot

Argentina 1985 plot revolves around the true story of the prosecution of Argentina’s deadly military dictatorship. The story features Julio Strassera, Luis Moreno Ocampo, and their legal team of unsung heroes and their bloodiest David-versus-Goliath battle.

The team will be portrayed as being under constant threats while their attempts to provide justice to the victims of the Military Junta against all odds in the scary race against time, the deadly bombs and death threats.

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Where To Watch Argentina 1985 Movie?

Argentina 1985 will be available to stream on the online streaming platform Amazon prime videos on 21st October 2022. The movie also premiered at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 30, 2022.

As of now, no information has been provided by the makers of the film as to where the audience will be available to stream it online apart from Amazon prime videos. It will most likely not be having a theatrical release.

Argentina 1985 Movie Cast

Argentina 1985 cast consists of the main lead characters including Julio Strassera played by Ricardo Darín, who will be portrayed as a public prosecutor. The other character is Luis Morena Ocampo who will be played by Peter Lanzani as a young lawyer fighting the case.

argentina 1985 release date

The other cast members include Carlos Portaluppi, Norman Briski, Alejo García Pintos, Héctor Díaz, Alejandra Flechner, and Claudio Da Passano. A few of these actors will be seen playing the inexperienced legal team members. As of now, no information has been provided as to which actor will be playing which character.

Social Media Talk On Argentina 1985

Argentina 1985 is going to be a treat for all the courtroom drama fans out there. The Spanish movie gained immense popularity right before its official release.

The fact that the movie will be featuring a true-life incident has made it look even more promising and appealing to the fans.

What To Expect From Argentina 1985 Movie?

The upcoming Spanish movie Argentina 1985 will feature the deadly threats, a battle against the truth, braving bombs, and a race against time. Fans can expect some legal courtroom drama. The movie is going to be quite lengthy and is expected to be about 140 minutes (about 2 and a half hours) long. It will be featuring some of the faces from the Spanish film industry.

It will feature some legal court drama and not to forget hell lot of action. The audience will get to witness the true sequence of events that took place during the David-versus-Goliath courtroom battle. As to how the unsung heroes and the inexperienced legal team dared to prosecute and get into a battle with Argentina’s bloody military dictatorship.

The movie will be seen trying to portray the act of imposing democracy through the earnest rule of law and regulations. It will be a movie trying to display the attempt of providing justice to each person of the country that was wronged by some inexperienced junior headed by a strong prosecutor

Argentina 1985 Trailer

Argentina 1985 trailer was released on 6th September 2022. The two-minute twenty-one-second-long trailer was released in Spanish language along with English subtitles by Amazon prime videos.

The trailer starts with two men sitting, one of which is Julio Strassera (played by Ricardo Darín) and discussing the trial that was about to begin, the older man was seen saying to Julio Strassera, “you will be the prosecutor in the most important trial in the Argentina history”. There were a few scenes from the courtrooms and a group of men, the team of legal lawyers walking up a subway.

The trailer was then focused on a man sitting in a car and an ongoing voice of a man saying, “i was abducted from my home, they kept me a prisoner for months”.

There were a few scenes from the court and a few clips of the movie’s main lead character and someone telling him that “the responsibility of command lies with the Juntas, we must prove they knew about it”.

There was also a clip of the military officers sitting together on a courtroom bench with the trailer reading “No country has dared to prosecute a dictatorship until Argentine, 1985”.

Julio was warned repeatedly to stay careful. He was also seen assembling his team with inexperienced juniors trying to prove that everything was a systematic plan.

Some serious scenes were also displayed where Julio was tense and worried about everything being a trap. The trailer ended with a car being burnt on the road and blood thrown at the window.

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