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Netflix Revealed Trailer And Release Date For The Odd1sOut’s ‘ODDBALLS’!!

Oddballs is a Netflix original animated comedy series produced by James Rallison and television writer Ethan Banville. Rallison’s YouTube channel, TheOdd1sOut, serves as the inspiration for the series. The series, produced by Netflix Animation and Atomic Cartoons, is set to premiere on October 7, 2022.

Netflix’s ‘Oddballs’ Series Release Date Updates

The amount of episodes is currently unknown but is expected to be at least three. Rallison and Banville presented the series to Netflix in early 2020, and the service picked it up in August of that year. According to Rallison, the entire series was produced remotely, as studios were shut down due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Oddballs Release Date

Rallison announced the series in a YouTube video with a teaser on June 23, 2022. On September 16, 2022, an official teaser was uploaded on the YouTube channels of James, Ethan, and Netflix, with an official release date of October 7 confirmed.

Later that month, James would upload a YouTube video titled “Pitching a Show,” which goes over his process pitching the show and the show’s screenwriting bible. More details on its products are currently unknown.

CreatorsEthan Banville
James Rallison
StarsJulian Gant
James Rallison
Gary Anthony Williams
Based onTheOdd1sOut
Country of originUnited States
Production companiesAtomic Cartoons
TheOdd1sOut Studios
Release Date October 7, 2022

Oddballs, a new animated comedy series from Netflix, will launch in October 2022. TheOdd1sOut’s James Rallinson conceived the sitcom, which he will also produce and star in as himself.

Oddballs is a planned Netflix Original cartoon series developed by James Rallinson and Ethan Banville.
Rawlinson’s tremendously successful YouTube channel TheOdd1sOut, which had over 18 million subscribers at the time of writing, influenced the animation’s aesthetic, as did Carl Faruolo and Michael Zoumas.

Netflix Animation created oddballs in conjunction with Atomic Cartoons. The series, which was revealed in June, has been in development at the streaming service for the previous two years and will premiere on October 7.

Oddballs Official Netflix Release Date

Oddballs, a new animated comedy series from Netflix, will premiere on the streaming site on October 7th, 2022. James Rollinson of TheOdd1sOut created the sitcom, which he will also produce and appear in as himself.

James Rallinson and Ethan Banville created the upcoming Netflix Original cartoon series Oddballs. The animation’s visuals was inspired by Rallinson’s very famous YouTube channel TheOdd1sOut, which had over 18 million subscribers at the time of composition.

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What Is The Plot Of Oddballs?

Oddballs follow James, a bubble-shaped youngster whose insights on life feed his hilarious rants at ordinary annoyances, which he takes to embarrassingly insane levels. Along with his best friends Max (a talking crocodile) and Echo (a girl who claims to be from the future), James’ ridiculous schemes to question norms frequently end in disaster.

Rallison’s.James, a bubble-shaped youngster in the tiny town of Dirt, has views on life that feed his hilarious rants at ordinary annoyances and raises them to “laughably” ludicrous heights. With his best pals Max, a talking crocodile, and Echo, a girl who claims to be from the future, James’ crazy plots to question standards frequently end in tragedy, forcing them to learn life’s lessons…in an unusual way.


TheOdd1sOut appeared 14 times on our 2021 list of the 50 most-viewed indie animated shorts on YouTube, accounting for more than a quarter of the list.

Rallison revealed the entire production had been executed from lockdown when the series was initially announced. “There was little to no human engagement in the writing, storyboarding, designing, and voice acting.” I still haven’t worked in an office. I just want to lean against a water cooler and say stuff like, ‘Hey, did you see the game last night?’ Is that asking too much? ”

Social Media Announcement

The new video announcement, which was published today, contained a breakdown of the creative process behind the new program and gave viewers an inside look at the latest Odd 1st Out happenings.

Rallison also discussed the creative process for the next Netflix series, which was created entirely remotely as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.
In addition to the news, Rallison previewed several first-look snippets from the new program, which will be presented at subsequent Con appearances, including the upcoming VidCon in Anaheim this weekend.

Rallison will present a trailer from the new series during the convention on June 25, 2022. Rallison did, however, present a teeny-tiny snippet of the series at the end of his announcement as a teaser. The video depicts two characters, a bubble boy and his crocodile pal, jumping out of a trailer situated atop a cactus before it explodes.

Fans are ecstatic about the impending series, which is based on Rallison’s YouTube channel, TheOdd1sOut. Netflix Animation and Atomic Cartoons collaborated on this project. People are eager to watch this masterpiece since Oddballs is a comedy series.

This is ideal for those who enjoy watching comedy shows. You may watch Oddballs online with your friends and family. As a result, we conclude James Rallison will not let their supporters down.

What Can We Expect From Oddballs?

Oddballs is the narrative of James, a bubble-shaped youngster who goes on hilarious rants over minor and daily annoyances, frequently exaggerating them to crazy proportions.

Max, his crocodile buddy, and Echo, a girl who claims to have been abducted from the future, join him. James and his buddies will concoct absurd plots that almost always end in tragedy (but in a ha-ha way, not an uh-oh way).

This new partnership between Netflix and recognized internet talent might be just what the streaming giant needs to raise its subscription rate following a poor first quarterRallison offers a devoted fan following and a well-established brand name to the streaming industry. Oddballs were designed by James Rallison and Ethan Banville.

Atomic Cartoon’s executive producers are Carl Faruolo, Michael Zoumas, Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Matthew Berkowitz, and Aaron Behl. J James Rallison, Julian Gant, Kimberly Brooks, Gary Anthony Williams, and Carl Faruolo star in the series.

James is a bubble-shaped youngster whose insights on life drive his hilarious rants about ordinary annoyances, which he amplifies to “laughably” ludicrous levels. James’ crazy plots to question standards frequently end in tragedy with his best pals Max, a talking crocodile, and Echo, a girl who claims to be from the future. As a result, we can expect that Oddballs will be ideal for those who appreciate watching comedy shows.

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Netflix Reveals Offbeat Comedy ‘Oddballs’ Trailer 

James, a bubble-shaped youngster, questions anything that irritates him. With his best friends, Max, the talking crocodile, and Echo, the girl who claims to be from the future, he goes on numerous strange experiences and learns various life lessons. Oddballs’ official trailer can be seen at the following link:

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