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September Mornings Season 2 Release Date & Everything We Know So Far!

September Mornings is a Brazilian television drama that Luis Pinheiro produced. Together with Dainara Toffoli, Pinheiro serves as the series executive producer and creator. Alice Marcone, Josefina Trotta, Marcelo Montenegro, and Carla Meirelles contributed to the writing for the show.

The series’s first season debuted on 25th June 2021, and both critics and viewers have given it favorable reviews. IMDb gave the first season a rating of 7.1/10, and in light of the enthusiastic reception, a second season of the series has indeed been planned.

September Mornings Season 2 Release Date Has Been Revealed! Where To Watch?

The series “September Mornings,” also known as “Manhs de Setembro,” is a brilliant addition to the Amazon collection. The television show centers on Cassandra, a transgender person who is passionate about maintaining her independence.

September Mornings Season 2

After years of struggle, things are starting to get better for her. When Cassandra discovers she has a son she was unaware of, her world as she knew it suddenly alters. The topic of the program, September mornings has attracted a lot of interest. It receives a lot of appreciation for its cinematic excellence and heartfelt performances.

The show also makes use of Liniker’s musical talent and acting skills to raise the story to a new level. The first season has already been finished by the fans thanks to its brief episodes and compelling plot.

Series NameSeptember Mornings
DirectorLuís Pinheiro
Dainara Toffoli
WriterJosefina Trotta
ProducerO2 Filmes, Amazon Studios
Country of OriginBrazil
Original LanguagePortuguese
Available LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Italian
Number of Seasons1
First Episode DateJune 25, 2021
Final Episode DateJune 25, 2021
Upcoming Season Release Date23rd September 2022
Episodes in Upcoming Season5
Main CharactersCassandra, Ivaldo, Leide
Main CastLiniker, Thomas Aquino, Karine Teles
Where to WatchAmazon Prime
Filming LocationSão Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

September Mornings Season 2 Release Date

September Mornings is a crisp and short series with 5 episodes in season 1 which got released in June 2021. Immediately after the release of season 1, September Mornings got brilliant reviews that the Amazon officials declared that it will be definitely renewed soon. Well, it’s time that season 2 of September Mornings is going to hit the screen on 23rd September 2022.

Although September Mornings’ shooting timetable is unknown, it is possible that season 2’s filming was wrapped up in the first few months of 2022. The second season of the series, which premieres in September, could have been in post-production from late June 2022.

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September Mornings Season 2 Plot

Cassandra, a transgender woman who works as a delivery person for a smartphone app, is the subject of the novel September Mornings. She moved to So Paulo from her birthplace in order to fulfill her passion for singing a cover song for the legendary Brazilian singer, Vanusa from the 1970s.

She has finally gotten her personal apartment after years of searching, and she is in a relationship with Ivaldo. But  When a former girlfriend, Leide, reappears in her life with a child claiming to be her ten-year-old son, Gersinho, everything becomes complicated.

Cassandra’s relationship with the kid changes in Season 1 as she thinks back on her own upbringing. Leide is having difficulty being the parent that Gersinho needs, so she comes in. Cassandra drives Leide and Gersinho to Curitiba for a mathematics competition as the season comes to a close.

Where To Watch September Mornings Season 2?

September Mornings is an original series on Amazon Prime and the audience can stream both seasons on that platform only.

September Mornings Season 2 Cast

Brazil is the home of September Mornings’ amazing cast. In the upcoming September Mornings season 2, the majority of the cast from the premiere season may be reprising their roles.

Liniker, who represents Cassandra, a transgender woman, in September Mornings, is the show’s star. She might be accompanied by Paulo Miklos playing Decio, Gustavo Coelho as the 10-year-old boy Gersinho, Karine Teles as a former lover, Leide, and Thomas Aquino as a current lover, Ivaldo. 

September Mornings Season 2 Cast

Inara Cristina portrays Ivana, Isabela Ordoez plays Grazy, Clodd Dias as Roberta,  and Elisa Lucinda portrays Vanusa could also appear. Season 2 also may feature Linn da Quebrada portraying Pedrita, Danna Lisboa playing Elis, and Divina Nubia as Veronica.

September Mornings Season 2 The Talk On Social Media

Season 1 of the September Mornings received very positive reviews from the viewers and they seem to be very excited and eagerly waiting for the new season.

Because of the good reception, Amazon Prime instantly declared just after the concluding episode of season 1 that it will again be renewed. The social media handles are also filled with positive comments on the series with the hashtag #SeptemberMornings.

“OMG OMG OMG My favorite Black trans is coming back with a second season I AM SO HAPPY I WILL CRY!”

What To Expect From September Mornings Season 2?

Season 2 of September Mornings doesn’t yet have an official storyline, but we do have some guesses.

September Mornings’ first season presented us all to Cassandra, a transgender person leading the life she longed for. She is young, resides in an apartment, has a wonderful partner, and has a great career that allows her to pursue her passion for singing. Her life is idyllic, and until her history eventually catches up with her, it all seems too wonderful to be true

When Leide, a companion from Cassandra’s previous life, unexpectedly knocks on her house one day carrying her baby Gersinho and stating that Cassandra is Gersinho’s father, things become more confusing. Cassandra immediately rejects Leide and Gersinho inside her life because she finds it difficult to understand that she possesses a son he was unaware of. She had worked incredibly hard over the last 10 years to reach the point she was, and she felt that Leide had no authority to suddenly invade her life.

Leide only requests Cassandra’s assistance because she is in need and is being forced to reside in their parked vehicle beneath the overpass in order to survive. Cassandra is reluctant to assist them, but after resolving certain concerns to provide their son with the best care possible, she joins forces with Leide. She gains the ability to love her kid and assist Leide in improving.

If September Mornings’ upcoming second season continues where the initial one concluded, we might find out that Cassandra is no longer in a relationship with her boyfriend and is instead alone. She may well have softened toward having her kid in her life again, but their path together is only getting started.

September Mornings Season 2 Episode Guide

Although the official episode guide of the upcoming September Mornings season 2 is yet not released, we believe that it will again have 5 episodes with a running time of 30 to 38 minutes.

Is There A Trailer For September Mornings Season 2?

The upcoming season 2 trailer of September Mornings is not yet officially released by Amazon Prime but because the season will be released in a couple of days, we are hoping to get the trailer in two to three days.

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