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Is Amazon Prime Going To Release Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Soon?

Since its 1984 comic launch, “Dragon Ball” has been one of the most well-known television networks. With almost unlimited chapters to come, it has been created over time into various anime shows, films, and even famous computer games.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date! Everything You Want To Know

Goku, the main protagonist of “Dragon Ball,” is a young guy with a long monkey tail and other powerful strengths. He encounters the energetic Bulma, and together they quest for seven magical dragon balls that, when combined, can fulfil any wish.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Goku ultimately studies martial arts beneath Master Roshi, where he also befriends the guy named Krillin who later becomes his closest friend. During the years Goku and his teammates have a ton of adventures and make lots of new acquaintances and also foes.

The “Dragon Ball Super” series, which premiered in the year 2015 and begins after Majin Buu has been defeated, is among the most popular installments in the “Dragon Ball” series.

How Many Episodes Will Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Have?

Without a question, the Dragon Ball Super Season 1 earned the viewer’s hearts. The anime’s record in the anime business is broken by fan passion. They are impatiently anticipating the successful conclusion of their second extension.

Akira Toriyama, who created the Japanese series Toyotarou, is the author of Dragon Ball Super. As a well-known Japanese animation, it is packed with action, fantasy, and combat sports. The Dragon Ball Super production coverage is brought to you by Toei Animation. The first season of the show has 131 episodes and is a comic series remake. Despite the fact that it is the longest sequence, it receives the most praise from anime viewers.

It also earns a five-star score from the IMDb community, giving it 8.4 ratings overall. When it comes to attracting a global fan base, this show has no rivals. Additionally, you may stream it on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

Although the release date of the Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is still awaited, we are hoping it will be released next year at the most.

NameDragon Ball Super
CreatorAkira Toriyama
StarsMasako Nozawa
Ryô Horikawa
Naoki Tatsuta

Original NetworkPrime Video
Release DateNot yet Confirmed

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Expected Release Date!

One of the finest anime series’ renewals has been anticipated by all admirers for a little over three years. When does Dragon Ball Super Season 2 premiere, is the real question?

Atsushi Kido and Osamu Nozaki, the show’s creators, have not confirmed nor rejected the knowledge about the release of season 2. But we are more certain that there is still plenty in the comics to express. The dragon ball creators’ concern with their fan base has a significant impact on their decision to quickly release the next season.

Internet rumours claim that early 2023 is the more anticipated arrival date. The premiere date of the program will likely be formally announced by the production company by late 2022.

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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Plot

The main storyline of the Dragon Ball Super series is about Granolah the Survivor Saga, which portrays Granolah, the surviving member of the Cerealian species that was wiped out by the Saiyan force.

And how Goku gains the energy of a god after coming into contact with many more superpowered beings. He then has to learn how to utilize his newly acquired abilities under the guidance of the divine beings of his universe while going to other universes to battle even more formidable rivals.

Season one finished with the universal survival narrative, while season two is anticipated to contain the galactic patrol prisoner arc as its main plotline. Additionally, it would present the new hideous goat-headed enemy to the audience. In season two, viewers would get to see more of Goku and his combat sequences. In season two, he would encounter fresh foes after having defeated Beerus.

Where To Watch Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

There is a huge fan base for the Dragon Ball series. There is a wonderful English dub version of the series for fans throughout the world. If you want to view the anime in English, you may find the English-dubbed seasons on Funimation, AnimeLab, Adult Swim, Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Cast

As Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese anime series, there are two people who voiced every single character in the Japanese version as well as in the English version.

So the official cast of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 includes:

– Goku (voiced by Masako Nozawa and Sean Schemmel)

– Bulma (voiced by Aya Hisakawa and Monica Rial)

– Krillin (voiced by Mayumi Tanaka and Sonny Strait)

– Vegeta (voiced by Toshio Furukawa and Christopher Sabat)

– Master Roshi (voiced by Masaharu Sato and Mike McFarland)

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Cast

No official announcement of the Dragon Ball Super Season 2 cast has still been made. It was anticipated that members of the season one cast will return. If season two features a new narrative, new faces and voice actors, will also be joining the cast.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Talk On Social Media

Dragon Ball Super is the most loving anime series worldwide to this date which has millions of followers. Almost every child since its debut has watched it in their childhood. Not only children but the series have adult fans too which is quite incredible.

As the new season of Dragon Ball Super is awaited, fans have tweeted quite a lot where they showed their excitement for the series. Some of the beautiful tweets are:

“When you take into account the most recent episodes of the Dragon Ball Super Comic, which include a clue on Goku’s Massive Ki Avatar, you can see that Goku from Dragon Ball and Po from Kung Fu Panda have a great deal in common than you might believe.”

“Still can’t believe the Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super collaboration is taking place; we’ll actually see it in the lobby! I’m far too eager for all this!”

What To Expect From Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

The Dragon Ball Super Season 2 begins in a new age, which presents a new ruthless antagonist, in accordance with the events depicted in the comic. Fans can watch Universe 7 train soldiers to become bigger and more powerful in the prologue of the new arc.

The Planet-eater tale of Moro is narrated by a Galactic Patrol officer to Goku and his friends in the following scene. After hearing Moro’s tale, Goku grows eager to meet him in real life. Vegeta and Goku together accompany the Galactic Guard to search for freed Moro.

After a few misadventures, they eventually receive a signal informing them that Moro’s whereabouts have been discovered. Goku tries to detect him, but Moro is more intelligent than anyone.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Episode Guide

There is still not much news about the upcoming episodes and their episode title name. Till then we recommend you to stream the Dragon Ball Super Season 1 so that you are well aware of the previous plot and storyline.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Trailer

The trailer and the official release date of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 are still much awaited by the audience. Till then, the viewers can watch the beautiful fan-made trailer of the season 2 series here:

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