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I Came By- Release Date, Cast, Plot, Official Trailer

I Came By is an upcoming thriller that is going to be streamed on Netflix On August 31, 2022. The film is going to include renowned actors like Hugh Bonneville and George Mackay. The movie has an interesting and intriguing story that has grabbed the attention of a lot of people.

Further in this article, we will get to know more about the I Came By plot, streaming, its cast, and more.

What Is I Came By All About?

I Came By is a thriller film directed by Babak Anvari who is the winner of the prestigious BAFTA award. The production company of the film is Two and Two Pictures. The filming of I Came By took place in the UK.

I Came By- Release Date, Cast, Plot, Official Trailer And More

The storyline of the film revolves around a graffiti artist and his journey which involves the people as well as himself being in danger. The film includes violence, suicide references, and substances among other things, and hence is appropriate for a more mature audience (16 and above in age).

NameI Came By
CastsKelly Macdonald, George MacKay
Hugh Bonneville
Official siteNetflix
Release dateAugust 31, 2022

The movie will be streamed on the famous platform Netflix and will be added to its thriller movie lists. I Came By has a very talented star cast and a captivating plot. The film will be added to the list of crime and thriller movies on Netflix and it will be released on the same platform on August 31, 2022.

I Came By Release Date

The suspenseful Netflix film I Came By release date was officially confirmed to be August 31, 2022. Besides Netflix, the movie is also going to be released in a few cinemas in the UK on the 19th of August, 2022.

The film starring the famous George Mackay is written by Babak Anvari, who is also the director of the film, and Namsi Khan. Babak Anvari has also directed the famous movie “Wounds” and has done other significant work. The genres associated with this film are crime and thriller.

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The official trailer of the film has also been released and it looks promising. I Came By film is 1 hour 50 minutes long. That’s 1 hour 50 minutes of suspense and thrill. The captivating storyline is unique and the audience is eagerly waiting for this film to be released to witness George Mackay and Hugh Bonneville work their magic together. An unexpected odd pairing indeed but we are here for it.

I Came By Plot

I Came By plot revolves around George Mackay who is playing the role of a young graffiti artist. This artist is a rebel who is in the mood to create chaos. He breaks into houses of known wealthy people and displays his artwork on their property, against their will of course. His identity is not known but his work does come into notice.

With all the attention that his work is getting, he becomes famous among the people and is also wanted by the justice system. Among the famous houses full of wealth, this young artist makes the mistake of targeting a retired Judge’s house. Hugh Bonneville plays the character of this Judge.

I Came By- Release Date, Cast, Plot, Official Trailer

Upon breaking into the former High Court Judge’s house, the graffiti artist, Toby stumbles upon a secret that leaves him in shock. The secret is something that puts Toby in a situation wherein he has put his life at risk along with the people to who he is very close.  

Where To Watch I Came By?

The film I Came By will be available to watch on the famous streaming platform Netflix on August 31, 2022. This suspenseful thriller is also going to be released in a few cinemas in the UK before its release on Netflix. The story of the film also happens to be set in London and its filming has also taken place in the United Kingdom itself.

The film has an interesting and unique storyline that involves a rebellious artist landing into trouble after picking the wrong house to mess with. Shocking secrets are revealed as he does this which puts his life in danger as well as the people who matter to him. What was a regular vandalizing act of rebellion goes awfully wrong and all this the audience will be able to experience at the end of this month on Netflix.

I Came By Cast

I Came By cast includes the following:

• George Mackay who will be playing the character of Toby.

• Hugh Bonneville will be playing the character of Sir Hector Black.

Kelly MacDonald will be playing the character of Liz.

• Percelle Ascott will be playing the character of Jay.

• Paddy Wallace will be playing the character of CID officer Jeff.

• Micky McGregor will be playing the character of Carlo Rubio.

• Kitty Lovett will be playing the character of Eliza.

Other actors that are going to be included are Varada Sethu, Gabriel Bissett-Smith, Edward Wolstenhome, and Amerjit Deu.

The Talk On Social Media About I Came BY

The audience is extremely excited to see the famous George Mackay acting in a thriller. The viewers also mention that the duo starring in the film is unexpected, and it would be interesting to see the two together. The audience is excited to see what the director of the famous movie “Wounds” has to offer in this suspenseful Thriller.

They are also very intrigued by the storyline of the movie and comment that Hugh Bonneville looks rather menacing in his role as the Judge. The movie is defined as a mixture of “Bad Samaritan” and “See You”. The viewers are also excited to see Percelle Ascott return back to Netflix.

What To Expect From I Came By?

I Came By cast includes some exceptionally talented actors who have done significant recognized work in the past. The film is also blessed with a good creative team and it is only fair that we expect this movie to be a success. Crime and thriller movies have a large audience attracted to them as these genres keep them engrossed till the very end.

The trailer and storyline as well have given us a hint about the movie and from what we have seen, the audience is definitely in for a ride. All in all, we can expect to be entertained and captivated by this upcoming thriller on Netflix.

I Came By Episode Guide

Since I Came By is a movie, there is no episode guide for the same. The duration of the film is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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I Came By Trailer

I Came By trailer was released a while back and it had the audience on edge. The trailer starts off with Hugh Bonneville wearing a pair of latex gloves and opening his cellar asking whether someone was there. The beginning itself gives us the creeps and chill.

The dark aura of the trailer gives us the essence of the movie. the Judge is described as a saint by the people but it turns out there is more to a person than what we see. George Mackay is seen as a graffiti artist who vandalizes properties in order to make a difference.

He breaks into the Judge’s house and sees something that changes his life and puts him in danger. The trailer looks promising.

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