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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed It For a Second Season?

Will Netflix acquire the Lincoln Lawyer season 2? Fans who have already binge-watched the first season want to know this. While the streaming service has not officially approved season 2, it seems certain. The courtroom drama debuted a few days ago and immediately shot to the top of Netflix’s Top 10 list in the United States. It is also receiving positive reviews, with a 79 percent critics’ rating and a 75 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The series is based on the popular Mickey Haller crime novels by Michael Connelly, the first of which was made into the 2011 film starring Matthew McConaughey (which arguably kicked off the McConaissance).

David E. Kelley conceived the series and based season 1 on Connelly’s second novel, Brass Verdict. Mickey Haller, a defense attorney whose painkiller addiction derailed his profession and marriage to prosecutor Maggie McPherson, is portrayed by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Neve Campbell). Mickey, now sober, receives a caseload from a colleague who was killed and proceeds to work on them from the trunk of his Lincoln Town Car.

Here is everything we know thus far about The Lincoln Lawyer season 2

Will There Be The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

As the program has not yet been renewed, it is difficult to predict when it will return for a second season on Netflix. But we do hope for renewal soon in the future.

The Lincoln Lawyer

The first season began production in March 2021 and premiered in May 2022. Production might resume later this year if the renewal comes within the next two weeks. This would likely indicate a release date for season 2 in late 2023 or early 2024.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Anticipitated Cast?

If The Lincoln Lawyer returns, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo will almost certainly reprise his role as Mickey Haller, the title’s attorney.

He will be accompanied by Jazz Raycole, his assistant/Lincoln car driver, and Izzy Letts, a fellow recovering addict.

The other two significant women in his life are his first wife Maggie McPherson (portrayed by Neve Campbell) and his second wife turned associate investigator Lorna (Becki Newton).

As for the remaining cast members, a few of them did not make it to the end of the first season, whether they were arrested or their lives were cut short by outside forces.

Therefore, there is plenty of room for new members to join the group. Specifically, whatever the season’s two major cases may be.

What May Occur in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

Again, this would depend on the case that the series would focus on and which of the Lincoln Lawyer novels the authors would choose. The first season is mainly centered on the second novel in Michael Connelly’s collection, The Brass Verdict, as opposed to the first; hence, it is unclear if a second season will focus on the third book or anything else.

Nonetheless, Mickey and his staff will undoubtedly face some challenging instances.

The Lincoln Lawyer Plot of Season 2 and the Ending of Season 1

Before discussing potential plotlines for The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, let’s review the season 1 conclusion. It concluded a number of plotlines and introduced new ones involving Mickey, Maggie, Lorna, and Cisco.

Trevor Elliott, a rich video game developer, is accused of killing his wife and her yoga instructor lover, Jan. He was acquitted, but it turns out he committed the crime and duped Mickey and the jury.

Mickey survives an attack by Glenn McSweeney, who was installed as Juror No. 7 in the Trevor Elliott case, in the series finale. Following a dispute with Trevor, he denied involvement in the hit. However, Trevor is shot and murdered by Jan’s relative Carol DuBois.

In the other significant case, Mickey is able to secure the release of his previous client, Jesus Menendez, who was wrongfully convicted of murder. He is able to demonstrate that Detective Lankford blocked a crucial witness from testifying.

On top of that, Mickey pulls together who killed his buddy Jerry Vincent, who gifted him the practice. It transpires that it is Judge Holder! Jerry had discovered that she was operating a jury-rigging side business. Mickey arrested her.

Maggie’s case against human trafficker Angelo Soto implodes as a result of newly-exposed crooked officer Lankford’s evidence. Cardone removes her from the workplace entirely. She bypasses him, though, and transfers the case to federal agents.

Cisco approaches the leader of the Road Saints motorcycle group, Teddy, to insist on paying his own obligations instead of allowing Mickey to settle them. Teddy pitches him into a deal that involves illicit activity.

Once the Elliott and Menendez trials are resolved, Season 2 will likely offer new clients for Mickey to represent. The major case may originate from the third Haller novel by Connelly, The Reversal. It features a convicted kidnapper and murderer who is given a second trial based on new DNA evidence. Then, Connelly has an abundance of Haller stories from which to choose.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Trailer Released?

There is no trailer for the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer. This is due to the fact that it is too early for a second-season trailer; the first season has just debuted. Let’s enjoy the trailer of season 1 below,

Reviews of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1

On Rotten Tomatoes, 78 percent of 27 reviews were positive, with an average rating of 6.5/10. The website’s consensus states, “David E. Kelley’s version of The Lincoln Lawyer depends too much on oddity to cover up its lack of genuine originality, but this is a dependable vehicle for aficionados of legal pulp.” Using a weighted average, Metacritic awarded a score of 62 out of 100 based on the opinions of 16 reviewers, indicating “generally good reviews.”

It appears that the second season will offer many surprises, and the audience is already prepared. We will update you on the drama as soon as we have more information.

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